The Workings of Faith, Fear, and Temperance

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Comment (27)

  1. Just like when Kepha walked on the water to Yahusha, but right when he looked away he started to panic and drown.
    We have to stay focused and not be distracted. Hallelujah!

  2. Thank you so much for the message. I let the flesh ge the the best of me a lot. Ive had some testing me lately for months now. through Yah and the perseverance granted to my by Yah. I will soon prevail. HalleluYAH! YAH Bless you and your family. Love and respect.

  3. Love , love the song it was so so beautiful, I heard you moved YAH’s blessings to you and your family! Maybe YAHSHUA keep giving you his abundant grace! 🥰😊🌻🦋👍🏾

  4. Yah bless for all the good and crucial information, Y'all have given!! My Name is Vaughn Banks I have one brother Shiloh, my family is form Brooklyn N.Y. I have grown up in Texas Around the capitol. I have been trying hard to find the truth, and have been through many of the catholic sects Baptists etc… I am Mixed "Hebrew/Irish" to the best of my Knowledge.. I'm still trying to research my Hebrew side of the family my Father was Johnny E. Banks, and grand father John w. banks. Well I really enjoyed the information on being grafted in through the Yeshua HaMashiach. Also the positive but very informative information in your video's Yah Bless you and your family. Thanks Again

  5. Also, Titus 1:2 In hope of eternal life, which Yahuah, "THAT CANNOT LIE", promised before the world began; When i opened the word of Yahuah, and read this it broke me down hard, like a flood… I though finally i will know the truth, and Yahuah has led me from the erroneous camps so far!!!! Praise be his name Yahuah!!!

  6. I love listening to your videos last thing at night i fills me with faith and good understanding by the way you both brake it down thank you

  7. I'm so glad that I was able to hear this word I needed that I m glad and so greatful for y'all I Thank the most HIGH YAHUWAH ELOHIM for your teaching

  8. ​here is a question if you interested, did it say in the bible, during the end times that the bibles texts would be changed by satan/ mandala effect. If it has changed, how do I know what to follow?

  9. Thank you Ms. Debra and watchman, this video has helped me to understand’ why I have had great worries. I have faith and trust in the Most High, but it’s the dealing with the, don’t trust your enemies that has had me worried, I had to understand that when your faith and trust is strong in Yah, he will take care of your enemies. I am going to take on this issue with Yah by my side.

  10. At 9;30 regarding the unrighteous & unbeliever that has Faith, Fear, and Temperance, I don't understand that, how can they believe they will be healed & are healed if they have no faith? Please someone explain this to me.

  11. I love the song and the children's voices, it's beautiful. I'm hoping to gather with you in worship of YaHuWaH and praises to YaHushua sometime in YaHuShua's Name, HalleluYaH. 😘😊

  12. Thank you I been learning so much from you nice couple… I know my race is bad and I’m truly sorry for the white people did to your families my heart goes out to anyone who have been thru hell.. I’m just so shamed of what my race did

  13. Shalom, family. I do think that most Gospel Singers sing to themselves, thus not getting any glory from YAH. I look at the singer Fantasia who has lost her difference in honoring YAH or man. Dressed so ungodly while singing supposedly to YAH she caught up in contrict spirit she has lost her respect for YAH somewhere!

  14. I lovvvve this song with your children and we practice it ourselves it has the Ruach all over it! Simply beautiful

  15. HaluluYah! This teaching has been such a blessing to me and it came right on time! Thank you for sharing your teachings. Shalum.

  16. Bless YAH for this 2nd witness just for me. The Bless or curse video was the 1st. Minute 55 in this video was for me. I do have less stress when I dwell in the Spirit😌


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