The Works Of The Flesh vs The Compassion Of Joseph

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  1. Too important a teaching that we must learn from. Most of us think we have it in the bag, but when we meet a person we say we have forgiven, our hearts exposes us. We pretend with smiles and kindness, still our hearts exposes us. Those little explosions in our hearts tells us we need to know. Instead of carrying on the pretence to our own destruction, we must seek to repent and carry on the road to perfection. If we truly have a heart of flesh, we will look up and know that He first forgave us.

  2. Compassion is a great topic. Can we get a teaching about how a man should treat his wife gently? Maybe my husband would listen to you IF another man he admires tells him to do so.

    I suffer from health issues and do not receive the compassion I need. I've suffered for and with this man for nearly 12 years, and still he won't help me with chores, even knowing that I have ongoing health issues that limit my every day life abilities.

    Please help, I desperately need this.

  3. I've only listened to a few videos on this channel, and I'm already so grateful that I found it. These teachings are a blessing. Thank you all very much, and I pray you & yours will be blessed.

  4. This teaching lead me straight to repentance, back to the teashing floor crying , weaping & asking for forgiveness. I recognize I was lieing to myself all this time. When we think we know him we knows nothing. I've been obedient, humble myself letting the Ruach lead me to make some phone calls . Tudah for this teaching . He is preparing us for his coming, if we truely love him we will let go of self pride and have more humility, gentleness,self control, meekness,goodness, patience trustworthiness, kindness, joy, peace & LOVE.


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