The World is surrounded by Darkness, are you hindering the Light?

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  1. You two work well together and has enlighten me in your teaching. I would like to hear your teaching about jellousy. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have learnt so much from watching your Channel. sister Deborah Yah you already know that jealous haters are going to be trying to bring you down emotionally because you and your blessed husband are speaking truth and are in lightning Yah's flock. So with that be blessed your beyond beautiful inner and outer because you have the light of the father leading and guiding you and helping many many others to begin their walk in the Glorious light….Shalom

  3. Oil is His name…His name is who He is…( His laws, statutes, and commandments) His Son came in His name. He did what we could not and still cant do in our own strength. But we are strong in Him. We can do all things through Him that strengthen us. Kiss the Son or perish. He is our gift….our salvation. Believe and seek Him. Then you receive the gift of the set apart spirit through acceptance of the Son. Born again or made new. The wise virgins were filled with the set apart spirit…that is His seal. Faith…light…sight…awake

  4. shalum myshpach wanting to ask on sybject personal matter, i have mom who knows truth we are currently homeless she and her husband still uses profanity and i am wanting to know should i let her know i have go on this path without her as far as helping her and allowing these things to go on around me and my children.

  5. that's all around us Satan uses your own family readily to antagonize you more then anyone else, this was just the problems I had in my failed marriage and fighting the demons that manifest in and around my life I'm still growing and learning

  6. HalleluYah, blessed family! Let us walk in the Light of His Truth and not grope in the darkness of misunderstanding. Shalom~

  7. Shalom, I just want to state that the way you two interact with each other as husband and wife plus brother and sister is a testimony in itself!!! What we as a people have seen from our own, is disrespect on BOTH SIDES… mostly women/wives sit and "shut up" cause they are NOT men… I can listen with an open mind and heart, Father sees and hears and know exactly what I'm speaking about…
    Purchased The Cepher yesterday, thank you

  8. POWWRFUL!!! HalleluYAH!!! Yal gotta tell em wat da oil is doe. Da oil is stripture. U can't jus read a few passages and go out into da world thinkin u safe, u gotta fill up on da word so u got enough light to complete da mission. 5 was well learned in da word while da other 5 only knew a little, fallin back into darkness halleluYAH

  9. Remember Men you are a BRIDE!!!…
    "Come out of her my people and touch NOT THE UNCLEAN THING", "christiany" is the weapon Hasatan has used to deceive, and the whole world lies in the wicked one, Rev. 18:4

  10. I need help and don't know what to do? I keep goting this feeling that I should leave the city that I am in and just leave and go

  11. Love this Beautiful Sister and her Blessed Husband and YAH LOVES both of you more. Love and Shalom. AMEN.

  12. great teachings from you both very informative, keep up the good work all praises to the most high Yah

  13. Well can you explain why the enemy did Bad things that happened to David, Shaḏraḵ, Mĕyshaḵ, and Aḇĕḏ-Neḡo, Job, the mother and her 7 son, Daniel, some of Yah's Prophets, the Disciples and Last But #1 Yahusha? Just to name a few. Were they not walking in the LIGHT?

  14. I really enjoy teaching from both you. Keep letting Yah use you because it opened my eyes. I have a question if Jews were yah favorite people can they be white I'm confused about that?

  15. So that means once saved always saved isn’t correct? I love you two teaching I’m slowly learning so much from you. Thank you!


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