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  1. israel we are close we have to right the wrong that our ancestors did to our power each one of us knows now that what he asked of us is not hard people i truly want to see the land and walk up and down in it but at sixty i might not see it in this world but i,am so glad that my offspring will see it and thats good enough for me

  2. Our Messiah's Name is NOT Jesus. His Name is Yahoshuah. The letter "J" is a Greek/Roman letter that came into existence omly 532 years ago. Yahoshuah was here over 2,000 years ago.

  3. I saw a quote once that said “most people dont believe anything, until a white person says it” its true to us Israelites too!! And its a shame that allllll these gentiles have come to our defense yet the Israélite movement has been going strong for years if not a decade or more and we’re being called “racist”. How?? The Jew-ish people are claiming they’re a different race…. its true the Jews ARE a different race completely. Further more, even if the black/brown people ARENT the Israelites, REVELATIONS tells you exactly WHO IS NOT the Jews

  4. Great that Africa is waking up to our spiritual heritage. We have to accept that although God called Israel to be a light to the nation giving us his words of commandment, oracles, ordinances and instituting temple worship and sacrifices as a type and shadow of their Messiah who would come and lay his life down for them and the rest of the world. We have to accept that Israel failed to carry out their spiritual assignment, departing from the living God until their Messiah came and restored the covenant agreement with the hebrew people made with him via Abraham and his seed leading to the birth of Christ. God told Israel in Deutronomy 28 that the consequences of their disobedience to him would result in them becoming slaves to the very nations he sent them to. Israel disobeyed God throughout world history. This began from the day he gave them the land of Canaan where he expelled the seven nations that occupied caanan at the time and was expelled from the land because of all their idolatrous practices. Israel loved the lifestyle of the gentiles (nations) and rather than accepting their God, their covenant with him, and who they really were, they envied their lifestyle ans told God in 1 Samuel 8 that they wanted a king like the other nation. Israel went into captivity to the nations for all seven world empires. The Assryrian. Babylonian. Medes-Persian, Greek and Roman. We are in the final empire before Christ reigns on earth in his kingdom. When Jesus Christ, Israel Messiah came to restore Israel back to God as was prophesied, they had again Israel gone so far away from their covenant that they failed to recognise their Messiah and was looking for one who would deliver them politically and economically rather than restoring them to their spiritual heritage. They told Pilate they chose Barabbas rejecting Jesus as their king. They also declared "Let his blood be upon us and upon our children and our grandchildren" Despite this Jesus did what he came to do by choosing 12 Hebrew disciples and commissioning them in Matthew 28 to go into the world and to preach the gospel to all nations, baptising them in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Teaching them to observe all the things he had taught them. He told them they were to first preach the gospel in Jerusalem, Judah, Samaria and unto all the other nation of the world. The gospel was first preached by the hebrew people and not as we have learnt through replacement tbeology, by the gentile world. Most of Israel are still unconverted. Many of Israel has adopted a gentile mentally and know God religiously but not experimentally. Many hebrew people has lost their true identity. Many of them who are into Christianity and Judiasm does so from a religious point of view but fail to have a full revelation of the Father, his Son Jesus and his holy spirit. This has caused them great confusion and are stil being destroyed because of lack of knowledge. Despite all of this God is revealing himself to the world (both jews and gentiles) to those in Christianity and those in Judiasm about who he really is and many are waking up to knowledge of the truth including the knowledge of the physical hebrew people.Whether natural or spiritual hebrew or gentile, all have to bow to the Lord Jesus Christ and accept him as Lord and Saviour. Jesus is the Way to the Father. We cannot have access to the father by bypassing the son. The father always tell us to listen to his son in whom he is well pleased. Thank God for the awakening that is taking place. We no longer as hebrew people have to sell ouraelves as slave. We can turn to God for help. He says wherever we find ourselves on the world., if we come back to the realisation of who we really are and cry out to him for help, he will come and get us. We are the ones that must take responsibility for much that has happened to us. We were the ones that forsook pur God and pur covenant by practising idolatry and sexually immorality in Africa and other parts of the world. We did not walk in hos ordances and kept his commandment. We envied the other nations and wanted to be like them. We mimicked their practices and even exceed them in many ways. We sold ourselves for nought. Consequently, we experienced the curse highlighted in deutronomy 28.

  5. "Curses is a man that hangeth on a tree" the truth is he was not hung across, he was hung on a tree he became a curse for you and I, hung on a tree not a cross he said they hated me before they hated you so, who do they hang on trees? right up until this day, they would never hang a blonde head blue-eyed Jesus…… never !

  6. GLORY to the Most High! My Father thank you. You saved me!!!! Thank you for choosing me. For loving me. I'm lost you found me FATHER. MAY MY TEARS ANOINT YOUR SOUL AND MAKE YOU HAPPY. FATHER. IM SORRY FOR DISOBEYING YOU. PLEASE THANK YOU FOR GRACE. FILL ME. WRAP ME IN YOUR HOLINESS. PROTECT ME FROM THE SNARE. I GIVE UP. IM ASHAMED CAUSE YOU HAVE DONE SO MUCH AND I've done NOTHING. I'm a lowly daughter who thirst for your rushing waters. Give me your RUACH KADESH. BREATH ON ME.

  7. i needed to stop this and ask you why are you showing white jesus with blood running down his ugly face when we are supposed to be reparing our peoples minds from this you may be speaking truth but are still fabricating a damn lie that scene did,nt help the people when you are still showing apink faced devil you need to study josepus to see how his appearence really looked israel its not going to work especially when it comes to our unlearned and youth preaching the truth but still showing a lie its not happening truth must go hand in hand for the healing of the nation

  8. They really used I don't see nothing wrong to sing to who they think is God🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. There was a video called “Response to the world knows who we are”. It was even more detailed. They just took it off YouTube. Anyone know where to find it?

  10. What about us white people that pull away from Christianity and paganism and love the true jews you people, we know you are the true jews, so how do we got into this plan from the most high, white people are waking up too!

  11. Devil: deceiver, master of lies, minupulator, master of confusion.

    Don't forget his name was never Jesus or Christ.


  13. We have to pray…nothing but all of us to put aside our differences in love and pray that the most high will come down and take over. He will do it..he wants to be needed. We have to convince our people to connect in love. No one knows the whole truth. Let's just start with love thats all we have.


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