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  1. Why do people who are vegans feel the need to talk down on people who eat meat really if you want to sit up all day eating nasty ass vegetables help yourself I'm a meat eater and I just had a physical done I get a physical every year And I'm in great health

  2. Got rid of the pork 40 yrs ago at age 17! No lamb, very little chicken but love eggs! Smh. Beef once in a green moon, never cared for cheese, Fish, except shell. I have a garden and eat raw salads and fruits all summer. Work in Progress.

  3. Hey brothers and sisters, I really want some answers . This walk I have been on has been up and down but I been sticking to the law not only in the flesh but spiritually . And I left the lust of the flesh such as , fornication, and stealing (which I hardly ever did probably in my teens . A couple times but always knew it wasn’t right) but I repented for everything I could think of . But one thing I stopped which was hard was marijuana . And I don’t use it to get “high” but to relax and calm and read the Bible . I watch plenty of brother Yarashalam and truthunveiled777. And now thank Yahuah for me coming to yalls channel . But back to the topic is weed considered and sin. If I use it to relax at the end of the day . I never drank or been a drinker but it would really help Thanks .


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