'Them' Movie Series Review – The World Knows What 'They' Have Done to 'Us'

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Comment (32)

  1. Thank you for reviewing this movie….a lot of good information. There is a HBO series called LOVECRAFT COUNTRY that is similar to this series and I would love for you two to watch it and review it as well.

  2. I don't particularly care for thrillers, but l love the fact that you all seemed to treat this like a study. You asked your children questions, and listened to their responses on the matter. I love ya'lls viewpoint on raising your kids. As I search for truth, I send love and prayer to you all, a truly beautiful family🤎

  3. Blessings, let’s remember that the enemy wants us divided. They are prepping us for the next civil war which is already in effect but not fully hot yet. This country will be split into 3 parts by race soon. Kingdom over culture, the lost Tribes are ALL colors pray about it. ☝️❤️🙏

  4. Shalom Family, I would like to know if you Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah could make a review on the movie title The interview with the antichrist if you dont watch i have bought and i can email you my vimeo link so you guys can just let me know

  5. This series is not for the faint of heart. Just finished episode 6. Not sure if I'll make it to the end.

  6. Yes she did 👏and she let them have it the husband and the kids was not playing anymore had enough. Time is up.

  7. It was so good I had to watch the whole series in one night!! Smh that movie was so spiritually deep and Yah is allowing us his people to wake up and be in this truth!

  8. Did you notice that when they hung the Black couple upside that the flames were burning towards the ground.

  9. Excellent revelation and observation of the truth of how they fill about us. SHALOM

  10. I heard it was a lot of blood shed for the whites to live in the Grosse Pointe area off Jefferson my cousin and I rode through there about a week ago and she was telling me her mother said things went on and I wasn't shocked she said a lot of sacrificing and blood shed

  11. And my mother always took us for a ride and she wanted a house in that area hearing what I heard I'm glad we didn't move in that area it's cursed it's beautiful but when you think about it it cost a lot to live in that area

  12. Even though they are acting they still look demonic and happy for even doing this movie the acting is real to how they feel

  13. This movie should definitely be watched because it gives light to some areas in our history that is often overlooked when other races narrate our stories.

  14. Loving the land of our captivity is the door to our minds/hearts that keeps us bound and sinning against TMH. To hell with "this place".

  15. I don't watch terrors so I skipped to epi 9. This reverend is lost and crazy…..Yep, this is America with its Ashteroth and bloody houses of worship and towers with phallic symbols that need to be destroyed…from within or without.


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