There's no need to worry if you're walking upright before Yah!

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  1. Shalom Halleluyah I was wondering what's your thoughts about the codex 1500 1600 year old bible it seems to make the first Testament look like a fraud I see many people most likely Christians says it is the Bible of the devil?

  2. Shalom Brother Watchman. All Praises to the Most High. I thank you for this message. This hit home deep in my soul. I thank the Most High for You and your beautiful family every day. To hear this message makes me excited, because no matter how much you envision life after this one. we will never come close to that image of PERFECT PEACE… HALLELUYAH. l love you family and I thank you again for this much needed message. Shabbat Shalom

  3. Todah for the message…wow you just confirmed the message i learned about The Angel Michael last night….Barak atha…All praises to the most high Yah! Halleluyah.

  4. Thank you for that powerful word brother watchman. My husband and I will chew on it and digest it. HalleuYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you watchman!! So glad this is a new segment!! All praises to Yah!! So glad He uses you and Sis Deborah Yah you guys are such a blessing!! Shalom!

  6. shalom, brother an sister how do you ( you. ) store veg seeds ? when buying seeds in a pack how do I keep them? your the expert and got it together, im not askng anyone on the internet just you. will you teach us a little something once we get the seeds. thankyou

  7. Thank You Brother Yahu, you are awesome in Yah's word.All praise be to YAH. I am a babe in the truth. I been searching for a long time.The first time I was searching for the Most High name, I found your video about it. I was always told something else.Then I began to watch your videos on watchman report.My eyes seem to open wide.All that had been taught to me were lies.I'm so grateful to you and your family.A woman could only wish to be like Deborah.She is awesome.Love her channel as well.Much love!May the Most High continue to bless your family and thank you,from the bottom of my heart.

  8. HalleluYAH Most High and all Hebrew Israelites! Praise him for he is worthy! Exalt him for he is worthy. Our 1st and last true love.

  9. My question is who do we identify Michael as in the scripture Daniel 12: 1-3? I ask because the SDA church that I went to identifies him Yahshua.

  10. Hi I have recently came into the truth and now I'm alone in my journey I have no one to study with hard to communicate with but Yah,
    I have been searching for a church home or like-minded people in my area but so far I haven't found any it is impossible that I am the only one in my area that's fun the truth I guess my question to you is if you know of a group of people in Connecticut that are living in the truth please refer me to them

  11. Watchman Yahu i am so thankful that you take time to make these "Our Daily Bread". It really encourage me. I watch them everyday, please continue to make the our daily bread. Shalom

  12. if you were misrepresented God you can bet when you take your last breath hell is going to be so hot !! you're going to wish you listen .you have all these false doctrines on your page.. but the reality of it is God is love ! if it's not about love it's not God .God does'nt see a color of the skin ..why because he made everybody !!he looks at your soul and your heart. all this mess that you were spewing and it is a mess. you are accountable for every word uttered out your mouth is written in heaven. I've told you before I'm only going to tell you this one more time.. God loves everybody ! you've been warned. it's appointed to man to die & and then the judgement.

  13. 3Days and 3nights๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธ๐Ÿ™Œ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ‘‚๐ŸŒต๐Ÿœ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

  14. Do the "Rauch/Spirit" quest your name before Yahuah to be Written in the Book of Life??????? Because the Spirit gives Life

  15. I Think the Spirit / Rauch "Gives Life" to Immortal A Righteous body / Heavenly body the Flesh is dying is no life in it but decaying slowly to ashes going back to the ground/dust from dust you are dust go back its" no life in it " the Flesh don't profit nothing so the Rauch conceive or Attached unto the Flesh so it can gives Life to a Immortal body / Eternal life because the Flesh is dying it's no life in it but the Rauch is with the dying body the flesh til you get an immortal body eternal life

  16. Spirit " gives Life" = Book" of Life"= Resurrection" of Life" Tree "of Life " looking forward to the Heavenly body Immortal

  17. Spirit "gives Life" "to those who are" Found written in the "Book of Life" and they are to be Raise at the "Resurrection of Life" giving of New Body that can't die and to eat of the "Tree of Life" In Yahuah "Garden" for been Wounded by Death, Sin, and Satan deceiveness to be Heel and Live forever

  18. Book of ( Life ) the flesh profit nothing its the Spirit(Rauch)" that gives (Life)" ; Tree of( Life). And The Resurrection of (Life). The Spirit gives life and put your name in the book of Life to have eternal life when u rise to the Resurrection of life then with the Rauch in you you will be able to eat the tree of Life because Spirit lead to life when Walking in it True Worshipers must worship in Spirit the Father seek them who do this because the father is Spirit


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