These Countries Will Destroy Babylon Soon!

Which nations are going to destroy Babylon? This video is to show the prophecies of which modern day countries will destroy Babylon. It is important to know how these prophecies will play out so we can know the urgency of fleeing out of the midst of Babylon.

Iran backs Russia’s invasion of Ukraine! | Gravitas LIVE | Putin’s big win against the US | Iran, Russia strike $40 billion energy deal

Will This Lead To World War 3? What Does The Bible Say?

Will We Be Gathered Out Of The Midst Of Babylon?

Why We MUST FLEE Out Of The Midst Of Babylon

Destruction Of Babylon | Which Countries Will Destroy It? Undeniable Bible Evidence

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  1. Shalom Ahki. Todah for another excellent edification on end times prophecy in this case.

    Yes, I agree, we are watching prophecy unfold before our eyes. Iran has endured much since 1979 when the western Shah was overthrown and the country became Islamic -Shia Muslims. The USA and its western allies have since plotted to take down Iran for the overthrow of their puppet government. That’s 40+ years of provocation and sanctions on the country. They are closing ranks with Russia 🇷🇺 and China 🇨🇳 to spoil Babylon and her allies. And the Word of the Most High prophesies they will prevail. Where I am perplexed is how will we (Israel) be used?! I stand prepared for however the Most High choose to use me to bring down the nations which have enslaved, mocked and oppressed His people for millennia. APTTMHY. Yahuah Tseba’oth!

  2. Todah Rabah Yahuah. Most High Bless. Glad to see you back again to edify the Nation of Yah-shar-EL

  3. Yadah YAHUAH! I have listened to some unbelievers scoffing that The Scriptures are mere fables and non applicable to our age; but alas! We are living in “biblical times” ( so to speak”. What they call climate crisis is judgment upon earth. When they proclaim ‘terrorists’ it is also judgment. Diseases and pandemics too are judgment.

    How wonderful is The Almighty Creator! How marvellous are His works! From everlasting to everlasting He reigns in righteousness, full of wisdom and justice. His Word lives forever and never fails! Behold the splendid work of The Almighty One of Abraham, Yitsaaq and Yaaqov! Let all creation bow in awe and reverence, let all mankind fear his Maker. Amein and amein!

  4. Praise the Lord.
    I believe the Lord will take his
    People out of harm's way before
    Any destrotion comes to Babylon


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