Think First & Consider Before You Judge – Judgment in Wisdom Series

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  1. I apologize but I hate we lost the young teenager. But the cop is going to be found not guilty. And while this incident was taking place I was in training discussing when we can shoot or don’t shoot. Any time a individual is going toward yourself or another individual with a deadly weapon first a verbal warning or STOP must be given. If they don’t harken, the officer can shoot, and what’s sad y’all they say, “ gun them down”

  2. All Fear Praise Trust Love believe Faith Yahawah In the name of His Son our King and Redeemer … Much 💘 for the real true Yasharahla Yahawahdah …. Shalawam Brother and sister doing the works of The Most High of Yasharahla …. Can u please tell our family of Yasharahla that Yahawah Yahawashi has only one chosen people and to the dark skin people not ham but Yasharahla Shalawam

  3. HalleluYAH x7 and shalom family and thanks for this beautiful well taught much needed message…May TMH YAH continue to bless and keep y’all in all that y’all do for His glory and kingdom. Shalom.

  4. I thank yah daily for using you both to teach! May the most high GOD continue to bless you….saying hello from the Island of Trinidad and Tobago

  5. What Bible are y’all reading. Timothy father was a Greek and his mother was a Jew. So y’all say that black and whites can’t get married. Moses married a Ethiopian woman, Joseph married a Egyptian, Esther married outside of her race. Y’all don’t have The Holy Spirit and not led by God. The Old has past and the New is here. God is not against marrying outside of your race. Reading the New Testament JESUS and The Apostles never talked the way that y’all talked. It’s like y’all don’t read The New Testament because y’all are guided by your flesh and soul. It’s not about color. It’s about FAITH in our Lord JESUS CHRIST and obeying His commandments. The Lord is no respect of persons. PREACH THE 📖GOSPEL📖

  6. I’d always wonder why I would feel fear even when I knew I did nothing wrong. It’s because I knew YAH’S judgement is real. Oooo Chile.

  7. it's time to send yahuaha a s.o.s get one million Israelites together and let the world know who we are and pray for this wickedness to stop also pray to elohiem to end this captivity

  8. Shabbat Shalom Family. You are absolutely right. My Husband and I continually try to bring these truths to many People, Many are Naturally alive, but Spiritually dead. They have eyes but cannot see. They have ears but cannot hear. Love you All

  9. Amen. We all have to be very careful in our judging. We must judge in righteousness. Peace and Blessings to you all family. Shabbat Shalom. ❤

  10. THANK YOU WATCHMAN AND SISTER …When we are aggressively defending our families we are looked at as Monsters, needing to be gunned down. We Cannot Judge Until We Have ALL Of The Facts….APTTMH🙏❤👍👏✌Shalom

  11. Have a problem with the partiality (racism) in the law and everyday life yes. But, we must still be able to judge right from wrong of individual circumstances.. and to judge them righteously.

    Their wrongs don't make our wrongs right. We'll be judged on our righteousness, not their unrighteousness.

  12. Kirk Franklin sounds like the DISRESPECT Ham Behaved with Papa NOAH!?!…and we all know that BAD SEED🤭

  13. Thank you. You must remember Elohim represent more than one God. Father, son and holy spirit are God. These 3 are one of a kind, you do not recognise the Son is our judge, and God we must obey, lest he be anger, it is Yahoshuah who is coming in a flaming fire with his angels, he is coming with 10,000 of his saints after he has gathered them at the last trump, and event at the end of the 7tribulation years will result in the chosen priesthood of the Lord reigning over those who trust in the true God and saviour of all who put faith in him and the father he has made known to anointed via holy-spirit, they must worship in spirit and truth and must know father, son and holy spirit to receive eternal life. John 17:3

  14. This is Understanding!

    The Sunday Lie.
    The Palm Sunday Lie

    The Passover was the 15th day of the Month a Thursday (Lev.23:5-6).
    Jesus arrived in Bethany 6 days before the passover, which was the 9th day a Friday.
    The next day (John.12:12)Saturday, the 10th day, the people cried Hosanna (John.12:13). On the same day the people cried Hosanna (Mark.11:9) Jesus entered the Temple(Mark.11:11).
    But on the next day, (Mark.11:12) the 11th day of the month, a Sunday, when Jesus entered the Temple he had to cast out them that sold (Mark.11:15)
    Because the Sabbath had ended and selling was permitted. Now fast forward to the 15th day of the Month a Thursday/Passover a high holy day (Luke.22:1) is the day of the Crucifixion.
    Thursday sunset
    Friday sunset
    Saturday sunset

    3days from Thur is Sun(Luke.24:21)
    Scipt says he rose Sun (Mark.16:9

  15. Honors Beloved's I Just Wanted To Express Some Of What Has Come To Me. I Believe That The So Called African Americans Are The Descendants of EGYPTIANS. Why Did They Change Our NAME So Many Times? Where Are The EGYTIANS? Why So Much Abuse Mentally & Physically? And WHY So Much CONCENTRATION On ELIMIATING US. I Heard Some Time Ago That Christopher Knew WE Were Here HOW? Just Saying

  16. Watchmen and Deborah Yah
    Please i need a answer to this question, can a person have the Ruach, and a demon at the same time? My daughter said that.she said,the person still need the demon of your past life, to be cast out. I guess this could come under the making right judgment.

  17. I think if you actually knew the Truth. You would not tell it!!! IN and Amen the Alpha and Omega of Your Book, Please give Definitions. Mine came from Roget,s International Thesaurus 6th ed. 🙂 We still cant READ!!! Sad but True.

  18. Matthew 7:3-5 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

  19. Watch the movie "THEM" on prime video- 10 Episodes to see spiritual warfare play out. So many subliminal messages. See who the devil tells "how to break our soul by keeping them in Hell and in Terror and constant Fear. That is there covenant with thier God (Satan)."
    See how they Afflict us and take, take, take from us. The enemy is still doing that to us to this day. See who is behind the symbols of Christianity and the Cross. See how the curses of deut 28 is applied; how they struggle with evil inside of them Everyday…the Urge to kill and afflict us. But the 400 years are up. Hallelujah and we are Waking up to TRUTH and being obedient to our covenant know what we Must do. At least those who are obedient and WOKE know. We see our Elohiym moving and Judgement is here, judging the house and All the other Nations ( psalms 83) who were in confederate in taking our Elohiym from us and killing, stealing, raping, afflicting and mistreating gods chosen children. Apttmh yah! Pay back time!!🙏🏾

  20. Good message. But what does this do to Galatians 2 ? Paul, a single witness testifies to the whole world that Peter, the Apostle handpicked by Jesus to lead his followers after the resurrection, was behaving partially. He says he told Peter this to his face but then he goes and tells the whole world about it without first bringing others in to adjudge the matter. So not only does Peter never get the opportunity to comply with what Paul judged to be right, but he is humbled in front of the whole world by pubication of this allegation around the world. And whats worse, Peter can't respond to Paul's charges because Jesus had told him and the other followers that they were to have the same unity among themselves that Jesus had with his Father. John 17:11, 20-22 Since there was never any dissension between the Father and the Son, there can be no dissension between true Apostles, so Peter is stuck. He can't respond back and be a true apostle so he never does. Was it proper to do this to Peter?

  21. I have decided to follow the ,613 laws of Yahuah and Trust the Messiah Yashusah. He was the walking 613. And all I need .


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