Third Temple Wailing Wall Deception : Documentary

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Comment (31)

  1. Fort antonia I read about this a while ago toda yah. Go ahead watchmen expose the lies. Our ppl need to read the history of the Jews by josephus. It's high time to awaken from slumber

  2. All Praises to the Most High Elohim Yahuah!!! Truth prevails, even in the darkest of time. I pray our Father continues to reveal his truth to you. HalleluYah!!!

  3. But what does the prophecy in the book of Thessalonica mean when it say the man of perdition will stand in the “TEMPLE OF GOD” claiming to be God?

    Which temple of God is Paul referring to and who built it?

  4. Every time I watch one of your videos I just the feeling that I know you but of course that is not true. 1999 I moved to live in Brooklyn and when I see the young black children and women spending their money to buy fake fingernails and hair, I cried to God with such anguish in my heart for them. God answered me and I am hearing you sometimes saying some of it. You did not say some yet and I kept waiting to hear from you because I am now sure of what God told me. Even though I tried to tell people, even people who are supposed to be hearing from God but they do not believe me. So I am waiting for you to say it.

  5. …and now they’re saying that they’re getting ready to announce their messiah. I just saw something the other day where one of their rabbis was talking about “harnessing the cosmic energy” and “summoning their messiah”. Its been time to wake up!

  6. Wow! This message was like a 🔥that just grew and grew with every verse 'til the last statement! HalleluYAH! WAKE UP TRUE ISRAEL, NOT THOSE IMPOSTERS!🔥

  7. Mary is Revelations 14:9=4:9=Mary is the Justice (The truth is Mary's justice on Islam=Covid)=Mary's justice.

    The Shroud proves Jesus is God. I met God in 2003. Shroud of Turin: Absolute proof the man in the Shroud is Jesus Christ = (Catholic Jesus) Heaven is Mark 10:6-9 Blessed are the eyes that see what you see (Jesus of Nazareth) Jesus told me you have to be ’blessed’ to see Mary.


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