This is why the WEF is coming after Elon Musk | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Davos Man has become a bad look. The attendees at the World Economic Forum met this week to lay out the globalist agenda and it is as bad as it seems. Unelected people want to take your way of life for their own personal gain. We challenge you to see it any other way!

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Clayton Morris is a former Fox News anchor. In Redacted, Clayton and his wife Natali take an in-depth look at the legal, social, financial, and personal issues that matter to you. They want to set the record straight and bring you the stories nobody else is telling. Along with the facts and the full picture, Redacted offers real-world analysis without an agency driven by corporate overloads. With Clayton’s extensive journalism experience, he isn’t afraid to demand the truth from authorities. Redacted is an independent platform, unencumbered by external factors or restrictive policies, on which Clayton and Natali Morris bring you quality information, balanced reporting, constructive debate, and thoughtful narratives.


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Comment (46)

  1. People who deter answers always respond in the same context and very rarely use factual basis…it's always a play to some emotional reference. Lol it's so evident. ( the fake news specialist at WEF).

  2. Billionaire Elon Musk who is also part of it and is working to destabilize and rile America in to Civil War so that Martial Law can be instated to allow for the easier acquisition of property, in league with China, and Russia, on script: "WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don't want." 4 : 4 4 PM. They love their symbolism and numerology. Stay calm, DO NOT panic. Do not be manipulated. This transition will happen weather you like it or not, because they use means that no normal mind can follow. The transition can be made peacefully, however. We do not need to go to war. If only the world could understand this…

  3. I love how he just glossed over the WEF/E201/pandemic. Haha. – “They have a lot of influence. And Oh yeah… they made that whole pandemic thing, but anyway let’s get into the meta verse discussion”.

  4. None of this info is new, it’s just that the public believes nobody else knew until Lord Elon told us, in true controlled opposition form. Now you guys can just listen to him and it’s easy, right?

  5. The truth news channels I watch are …Redacted..Rebel News…..and Sky news Australia. 🙂 Thanks to all of you and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Clayton and Natalie. Love your work guys. Big time! Big love from New Zealand..:)

  6. The fake Stakeholder language is a sham. Who died and left this dude in charge? Btw – countries are not obligated to participate in this garbage.

  7. The wef wants u to live in cities walking an biking, no fun not owning anything. They will pay you if you do there bidding, cant visit relatives..Who are they to dictate us to this..

  8. I appreciate u guys and the reports on the videos… thank u 2 all of u for remaining genuine to the people!!! but….. u have our attention now soo maybe it's time to start organizing the resistance b4 it's to late…. all they do is buy them selfs time when questions arise and who thinks(& convince the other "elites)they can do this 2 everybody blatantly….. someone building a new army of new ai authority figures perhaps??? Maybe that's y they've also aloud all the bad cop news these last few years-
    This could just be a reoccurring bad dream or🤔(given the fact that I am native) lol a "mystical native American prophecy" idk all I no is Elon says uses words like "existential threat" and we must be "proactive"when talking about the dangers of ai- and that probably gives this shwab guy a hard on- not to mention there time line of action
    he founded wef in 1971
    i didn't even hear about them at all tell 2019
    now they r center stage presents w/complete silence 🤫… if u do the math it means they know they've won the game already as long as they can hold onto the ball untell the final buzzer🏀
    Just some observations from a concerned citizen experiencing effects of generational trauma passed down in his DNA from the oppression of his people😁
    Side note: I wonder how many viewers u and the like minded channels have combined, prob half the nation & growing- as more people see with (real-ize)😶‍🌫️

  9. I am pissed about how they handled that sweet Japanese woman reporter- this shows what this order stands for- elitism, exceptionalism, and more oppression of common man. This is why I will never go along with this.

  10. Thing is you can't un-know what you now know….. we now know EXACTLY what their intentions and agendas are. Can we just let them crawl back into the shadows and reform !!!!

  11. I love your coverage of these evil evil people. When are they going to be round it up and sent to military tribunals. People around the world are waiting to see them pay.

  12. WEF is an expanded 3rd Rheich masquerading as a public private partnership as a Fascist partnership where the people don’t have a seat and serve as the target of repression…

  13. Elon! you should know better, these people are the major players on the stage. the WEF is the new world orders mouth piece! geese you'd think people would know by now… JFK's secret societies speech, the iron mountain report made back in the 1970's and the agenda 21 – 2030 really just lays it all out! not hard when they tell you the plan in plain sight… oh, and dont forget "not everybody can be a robot polisher" – klaus swab.

  14. We aren't winning. Look at the leaders of the nations. Everything they do is right out of the NWO playbook. We can't win unless we get rid of them. And we won't be able to get rid of them because elections are rigged.


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