This start-up develops non-invasive brain-computer interface to increase your focus

BrainCo is a U.S. based start-up focused on developing non-invasive brain-computer interfaces. Their technology can be used for improving students’ and athletes’ performances, as well as to have fun on a toy race track. Watch the video to learn more about BrainCo’s award-winning products.

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  1. This has been out for a decade… Look up “Mind Flex” it’s a game from 2009, where you focus to move a ball up and down through a course. This tech isn’t anything new..

  2. If you really want this to explode in the marketplace I would suggest that you make this compatible with popular gaming consoles there are a lot of professional and amateur video game players the end up with carpal tunnel in their hands this would solve that problem and everybody would be using it for sure I know I would and I don't like technology much

  3. Hey u really need this technology tho n yea I’d greatly benefit from the hand machine but tho can somebody help me figure out a way I could go about purchasing for myself please please help me find one


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