Thousands join the protest in Islamabad: 'Gathered to bid farewell to Imran Khan' | English News

The opposition in Pakistan held a mega rally against PM Imran Khan amid a political crisis. Imran Khan is facing a no-confidence motion in the parliament.

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Comment (32)

  1. Our brave leader…imran khan🥰
    Imran khan PM rhy ga agly 10 saal tk..
    In sha Allah…

  2. Tony Antonio the brainwashed islamist. You are living in a fools paradise. Your brainwashing makes you think that you are winning but the truth is that you won't go to any heaven in the afterlife. Btw show up with your Abdul screen name. You can fool yourself or some other weaklings like you but you won't be able to fool me.

  3. Pakistan never come out of military dominated rule,
    Imran must understand, General Musaraf himself runaway from country

  4. "Don't mess with my Army otherwise they will surrender"
    "Don't challenge me for an election otherwise I will loose".
    – Imran Khan

  5. cute……a mulla is head of the Pkstan "democratic" movement (is this run by the army too……to make it look democratic?)

  6. The nature of any fundamentalists taking part in formation of government in any nation not appear good for human society.

  7. Axis of Evil Russia China Pakistan and India Biden means regime change in these , 4 Authoritarian Nations 😂

  8. A US another color revealutions exactly what happens when US does right before regime change or a assassination pure historical facts every single color revealutions can be traced back to US and that country wanting to end US dollar exit. Saddem H. Gaddafi. Afraica leaders. All follow announced that they were leaving a year earlier or sooner.

  9. Dirty people fazlu and Mariam jaali rajkumari. They have been eating Pakistani nation's money for many years.

  10. Imran Khan had failed miserably in Kashmir issue. Currently there is non who can perform better than him except Genghis Khan.

  11. It's so funny how Wion has tried to show Imran Khan so weak against the opposition, and don't forget that Pakistan has been praised by WHO on how well the government has performed during the pandemic, as far as the ministers are concerned there are approx. ten of them who are willing to vote against the PM because they have gotten a good amount of money from the opposition, and let me clarify about the economy of Pakistan, every single country's economy has suffered during the pandemic and PM Imran Khan's government has said to be the one which has performed the best among all other countries and there is no win-lose for Imran Khan it's win-win because even if he loses the no-confidence voting, people of Pakistan are not going to accept anyone of these three rats to be their next PM.

  12. West meddling for Regime Change.??? Good Luck Pakistan. God Bless Pakistan with Wise & Intelligent Leaders to Care for Pakistan Welfare.

  13. Last two massive protests
    Came up with a big positive idea , of toppling Khan.
    But failed
    And will keep failing
    Whatever the protests do
    They keep failing
    And the failing will keep them failing


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