Tick-tock goes Yahuwah’s clock: It’s 11:59 and counting

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Comment (29)

  1. Thank y'all for the lesson brother Watchman and DeborahYah. Love the poem very much, and I think you should pray about maybe publishing your poems collection 💜🖤💜

  2. I live in Ottawa Canada Mr Watchman and Mrs D do u know any real Hebrew Pastor who does baptism, My son and I need to get Baptize. Please and Thank u.

  3. All Praises to The Most High YAH…You both are awesome and so on point with the role you displayed to us…you are absolutely right about what the wicked demonic ones are doing, and that includes some of the Israelites who are also wicked and have joined forces or were already wicked as heck from the start to work on luring us into these snares and traps with their evil agendas that they have set up for us to be destroyed physically, mentally, financially, and especially spiritually. They are using smooth words and witchcraft actions to simply rock us back to sleep, keep us distracted with foolishness and to get us to stray away from our FATHER, THE POWER, THE CREATOR. They wish for TMH to turn his back on us. We are now at the end! So we must turn back to Our Father Yah…He is our hope and can save our souls…Repent!

  4. My husband and I love you both so much! The body of Ha'Mashiach are truly on one accord and unified! So much confirmation in this that it's too much for words.

    We was shouting, jumping, and praising Yah for the Fall Ingathering of his First Fruits! 👏🏽🙌🏾🍉🫑🌾🍁🍂🤴🏿👰🏿‍♀️

  5. Also, we had to rewatch y'all jab skit you did at 54:54 like three times over cause we were rolling on the floor laughing at keep stopping cause our spleens were done. APTTMH YAH! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. HalleluYah Barach Yahuah exactly a relationship is a personal responsibility and why it's an individual walk. All ESTEEM to The Most High

  7. I enjoyed the study. However l have a question. Around the 24 minute mark you said the Gentiles would have a short time frame in order to get in. If they don't make the first trip to meet the bridegroom will they not get another chance?

  8. Shalom
    Would anyone consider that Paul was sent to the Gentiles, the scattered Israelites according to the flesh. Black people his brethren.
    ROMANS 9

    Once those Gentiles our brethren come into the fullness as in being grafted into the covenant in
    EPHESIANS 2 Black people then there is no more Jew or Gentile we are one in CHRIST.

    The Gentiles 👱‍♂️from the far ends of the earth are going into slavery. YAH said to prepare slaughter for the nation who put Israel into slavery.
    ISAIAH 14
    The white man shall be bondmen and bondwoman
    Those who escape slavery shall die by the sword.

    Let's Remember
    MATTHEW 15:24
    YAH is coming back for the nation created in HIS image and none else. Black people.
    REVELATION 21:12

  9. Thank you to you both for this lesson and message – we must constantly ask Yah for wisdom and understanding- and I have had tears rolling down my face whilst listening

  10. Eph 1:18.The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that we may know the hope of his calling….May Yahuah continue to lead us in the path of righteousness for his name's sake. Shalom family.


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