Timur against Bayezid – Battle of Ankara 1402 DOCUMENTARY

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Our animated historical documentary series on the history of the Mongols continues with a video on the Battle of Ankara as Timur takes on the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I. This video also features the war against the Mamluks of Egypt.

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The script for this video was developed by Jack Wilson – The Jackmeister. Check out his channel dedicated to the history of the Mongols:

This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

Machinimas were made on Total War: Attila engine by MalayArcher (

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Comment (39)

  1. Believe it or not, the next Ottoman script is finally ready. Rejoice, the fans of that series, we are entering the strangest era. This video is a remake of our older video on the battle of Ankara – we decided to make it to show the Timurid perspective. If you are interested in the events after this battle, this video explains the Ottoman civil war: https://youtu.be/IUlp9U2p5_c and this one covers the rise of the Mughals: https://youtu.be/ycv4gDXbm7s

  2. "When he finally reached Turkey, Timur allegedly promised not to shed blood if the town of Sivas surrendered. Trusting his word, they did. It’s said he had 3,000 of the townspeople buried alive, and Timur maintained that he had kept his promise. After all, there was no blood.

    Near Ankara, Bayezid met Timur’s army on 20 July 1402 for a dramatic showdown. Timur was a shrewd tactician, so he circumvented Bayezid and attacked his army from behind. After a short battle, the sultan was captured and dragged back to Samarkand kicking and screaming. There, he was allegedly subjected to a variety of imaginative humiliations — from Timur using him as a footstool to being put on display in a golden cage."

  3. Actually Islamic countries & their leaders were conquered by Moghuls
    Qari Teimor was an Uzbek-Persian man who cleansed Islamic world from Moghuls & zeal less conquered leaders who failed to defeat Moghuls
    Khawarazm Shahi kingdom was Uzbek-Persian kingdom
    Teimor was from remaining descendants of Khawarazm Shah family who concealed his origine up to his death
    He had no relationship with Moghuls
    He had Persian-Uzbek mixed race

  4. Khawarazm Shahi Teimor cleansed India from Moghuls
    Before Moghuls India was an Ariaie-Hindu Islamic-Hindo mix country that was occupied conquered & ruined by Moghuls
    Teimor had completed knowledge of politics & history
    He was Khawarazm Shahi

  5. Moghuls had been neutralised by remaining members of Khawarazm Shah family
    As far as no one else could defeat them in the battles
    Teimor & his people (Sofis & Wali Allah guys) segregated Moghuls kingdom politically
    Ottoman got the opportunity to build his kingdom
    People who defeated Moghuls were Khawarazm Shahi people
    India is blessed by being the homeland of Khawarazm Shahis now

  6. Teimor mémorised and could read Quran from A to Z and from Z to A
    He had complet knowledge of History Philosophy etc
    He was nurtured to become the king who adjusts the mistake of King Khawarazm Shah
    He was endorsed by all Uzbeks & Persians
    As far as Khawarazm Shah was the king of Persia

  7. It's insane to think that basically, a single guy (with a mighty army, but you get the idea) destroyed the brightest cities of his time and probably destroyed the demography and economy of Eurasia for like, 50 years. Everything he ever tried, he succeeded in. This guy had no fear, no mercy, no forgiveness. He would just do as he pleased.

  8. 21:19 map inaccuracy: by the time Shaybanids captured the Transoxiana (c. 1500), they were repelled from Syr-Daria and never controlled the Jetysu, with both regions being already controlled by Qasim Khan of Kazakhs

  9. The content of your video is good but the commentary is TERRIBLE.
    The tinny, nasal voice and the awful pronunciation of the names of places and people are jarring to say the least.
    The video is ' unwatchable' for this reason.

  10. The Ottoman tactics that was very effective against coalition of Crusaders in Nicopolis was largely ineffective against Timur. As Timur sense this thanks to his network of spies, depriving of water resources as the main strength of the Ottoman army was done and the entire ottoman soldiers went weaken thus the opportunity for Timur awaits to annihilating the ottoman army plus they capture Bayazid I.


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