Tithes, offering and the spirit of giving. Part 2

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1 Kings 8:1-11 Feast of dedication

for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God.
2 Chron 5:14 (KJV)
1 Chron 22:5…the house that is to be builded for the Lord

2 Chronicles 7:1-6…Solomon had made an end of praying, and the glory of the Lord filled the house.

Joel 2:23…Latter rain former rain…

James 5:7…the coming of the Yahuwah. until he receive the early and latter rain.

Hag 2:3-9….Who is left among you that saw this house in her first glory?

Ezra 3:8-13….
Romans 6:13-19 Your members are instruments of righteousness
Romans 12:1-2 Present your body
1 Corth. 6:19-20 Body is a temple

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Comment (33)

  1. Shalom Watchman family πŸŒΌπŸ’, I missed you guys! I absolutely love this segment, thank you so much, for this!! This is just confirmation for me from the Ruach Ha Quodesh in a Dream regarding tithing, I had a Few months ago.😱.. You all are the best!! I knew it, I knew I was not crazy!!!! Wow, All Praises Unto the Most High ⚑️ ELOAH, YAHSHUA Ha Mashiach!! 🌼Halleluyah!!! Amen!!!

  2. Ahk Wathman and ahkwath Deborah, would you please discuss what you know about FAITH-BASED Federal program for pastors, and the no tax exemption for leaders of their congregations? Plus, discuss on your videos there are pastors who have a business degrees, while collecting Faith-Based funds, and yet, they are asking people for their tithes. If protestants and roman catholic's congregation are working these programs, like food banks for instance, and all the money they are banking under their church titles have not provided for the poor in their congregation housing, clothing, and jobs?

  3. With all due respect, you left out the Levites when you spoke on who should be given tithes. Later you did mention them but not wholly in the same terms. If I am wrong please pardon the interruption.

    My thinking was the Levites were the priestly tribe of the Hebrew Israelites because their task was to accompany Yah's Presence and serve in the Temple. Please understand I am not contradicting you only pointing out a possible oversite because what you say is true. The tithes never was about money but a sharing of what you have with those less fortunate per Deuteronomy 26:12. The Levites weren't like the other tribes because of the task they were not given land to work as the other tribes.

    I feel the Levites will be the ones who bring us back to The Most High. You and yours fit the description of the Levites and this is no small task. I pray that Yahuwah continues to bless your house. I praise Yah, HalleluYah, in Yahshua name.

  4. Thank you Most High. Thank you family. I did not know these scriptures but Yah had given me the understanding that tithe was not money. The pastors behave as if people don’t give to them then Yah will not bless these people.

  5. Thanks for answering my prayers. I've been so confused about this subjust. All praise to FATHER YAHUAH!!!

  6. The TRUTH shall set you FREE! I know that liars are plentiful, but it seems as if these FALSE PROPHETS (pastors) don't want to STOP lying and manipulating the people. I appreciate you and Sister Deborah, but Abba Yah for using you guys as a vessel. ALL Praises to Yah and I love you and your family as well as the ALL of our people (The REAL Y'ISRAEL). πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’—

  7. (1) It has no record of the Israelites giving tithes in Egypt(during salvary), Simply because they had nothing to give. They were Slaves (owning nothing).(2) When Yah gave them their own land Then they were Command to give of their fruits, because land and their Yah was restored onto them.(3) Tithes of fruits and life stocks was for the Priest, his family and for all in Need out side of the Priesthood. Tithes is FOOD!. Israelites today has no land personally and as a people,(you think you own land!?!, in The Land of your Enemies!!!! Yeah Right!!!!) But that not supposed to stop us from pay Tithes (very important form of worship) With Yah's mercies we are allowed to work in the land of our Enemies and this time get financial Payments, so we supposed to take our ten percent out of our financial earnings and BUY FOOD!!, take that Food to the Priest of Yah for Distribution. Obviously the Priest Will have No Choice but to Share the Food because it will SPOIL. Cash only causes Priesthood to get greedy. This is a well strategic plan of Satan to cause Yah's Priesthood to be over come by a spirit of greedy and His people to get discourage by the greed of their Priesthood and stop Tithing and eventually get robbed of our blessings from Yah. Tithing is the only command Yah said TEST Him and He will Rebuke the Devourer! The DEVOURER!!! What does a Devourer do!?!? HE DEVOURERS ANYTHING!!!!!! How we expect anything to Succeed in our life if we don't pay Tithes!?!. My Brother and Sister if y'all are called to preach,then in courage the people to give their ten percent in food to you, and distribute it only to the people Yah is leading you to give(remember the enemy can send people with devourering spirits to eat up the children's bread) and watch Yah Work.

  8. I knew the whole time .whent the pastors always saying will you Rob God. but the whole time they are the one's Robbing you. and the most high.

  9. I agree Sister Deborah Yah and Watchman Yahu we are going to need each other in these last days/hours/minutes/seconds. All praises to our Father and His Son our Messiah the Savior. Shalawam

  10. Christians follow the teachings of Christ, the New Testament saying "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's". Luke 20:24,25 We believe in sowing financial seeds to reap a harvest, whether Spiritually, monetarily, or both, finding God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him.

    Satan has made a mockery of this, But, what the Lord designs for us, like Tithing 10% of our income~ blesses all of us in many ways. Naturally Satan hates this and wants it to stop!
    Greed is another Sin entirely, far removed from the principle of Tithing, and is dealt with by God! We need not concern ourselves with thieves, but keep our eyes on Him. We reap what we sow. _debra graveen

  11. Thank you for this teaching. Our community is FULL of widows, single mothers barely making ends meet, children made fatherless by the State (removed from the home and detained in foster care) and children with parents falsely imprisoned. Surely the widow, stranger and fatherless stand to benefit from our donations ("tithes" and offering) vs. these "pastors"

  12. I always believed tithing was 10% of your increase which in the ancient days were cattle and crops, etc. Of course in this modern day most people do not have livestock or harvest crops so their increase would be their earnings from a job. So because you don't have livestock tithing is no longer valid? I have experienced miracles from tithing 10% of my earnings so I believe it is scriptural. Now I still give an offering which is separate from my tithes. And I dont consider myself carelessly giving money to the pastor. If the Ruach has led me to tithe then I will because I'm tithing unto Yah not unto man. But I must say I will tithe to a fellowship that does those things you mentioned: feeding the poor, helping the fatherless, etc. I think you all are focusing on the extreme wickedness on some churches and I understand that it truly needs to be addressed But you should also consider the testimonies of Hebrews and/or believers that have seen the fruits of tithing; because I know I have. Ive had experiences like the widow and Isaiah where I have received check out of nowhere from banks that said they made an error and they owed me a credit. But it happened at a time when I really needed it or I found money or someone gave me money that they said they were led to give me. I can go on. Just yesterday I didnt think I would make my rent because of some issue with a cancelled sports membership. However, my paycheck ended up coming a day early when it was supposed to be a day late because of the 4th of July and I was able to pay it on time. I dont believe this was all just grace from Yah. I believe it was because of my faith and obedience in tithing.

  13. So thankful to Yah for this clarification. I appreciate the humbleness and transparency. So grateful to find truth. I am new to this channel and keep receiving confirmation that I'm hearing and learning truth.

  14. Do you know I had a church to do me and my husband like that one time. It happen back in 1998. We went to visit this church for about a month trying to see if this is where we wanted to go. And the paster had split 4 ways. 100.00 tithing ,50.00, 20.00, 10.00 and he had every one in a standing in different lines. Oh and the 5. 00 givers to. Me and my husband looked at each other and walked out. πŸ˜‚. And never went back. I told him this man is crazy.



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