To curse or not to curse, that is the question

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  1. Not always YaHUaH shall, instead May YaHUaH, after all, YaHUaH is not commanded, He is petitioned, Elohim over All, Judges All.

  2. Vin number in The Trust of YHUH with you as beneficiary, makes you custodian over and The Trust of YHUH owner of any transport.

  3. "Turn to them your other cheek" is to make them slap you with the "Holy Hand", an Ancient concept, meaning, the offender did not relent, even after compassion on the first offense, with their clean hand, intended again the same, afterwards, short & long sword.

  4. You shouldnt…but we do. On n off purpose. Its not cute or smart but it sometimes makes you feel better. Especially, if you release ur anger through words n not a bullet….God, frowns on it…n it comes from the heart.

  5. Thank you much for this lesson! This is exactly what I needed! The Most High Father AHAYAH knows!!! Glory! Glory! Glory! Now i know how to fight better with the scriptures! Thank you much again 🙏 ! Love all of you ❤! Bountiful blessings be upon you always!

  6. Sister DEBORAH and WATCHMAN. I listened to this sermon partly through. I want to state, my intent of my last comment on your previous video was to show and express to you, I know I'm imperfect and without sin. My family line is imperfect. I struggle with many things. To presume that a individual, that speaks their heart regarding situations that you openly speak on on your videos, that should be private, is witchcraft towards others. So what your saying is a hiprocacy. I'm trying my best to not speak aggressively towards you, because that's not my intention. My intention is to shed light on how your ministry delivers messages. We are all vulnerable vessels at this time and hour. You cant tell me, that I purposely tried cursing you or your family, when I was simply responding to your reaction to what you heard towards me, and your Christian video. So let's be clear. I'm trying my best to speak with you clearly. When I spoke of the Abyss, and swimming in deep seas of knowledge, I meant that. Yah tried protecting us from certain knowledge. Only his anointed and individuals who are mature enough to receive are truly worthy to walk such a path. EZEKIEL. He was Watchman first. The majority of my family is Catholic, as I spoken before. My grandfather is from Haiti. He was involved in some political issues in Haiti, the catholic church protected him and flew him to the states. I know my history is very little importance to you. But it is GREAT to me, IT EXPLAINS WHY IM GOING THROUGH WHAT IM GOING THROUGH. I'm welcome to correction, but I refuse to be known and spoken on as a vessel that tried to hurt your family spiritually, when this ministry has come at me indirectly on a political and hear say level. That has CURSED Me. It's not my intention to curse you. If you feel I have, rebuke. However, take ownership of self…as I have to. There is absolutely a legion of individuals that curse me, that's why we MUST pray for each other. This wont be deleted. Yes, I have cursed people intentionally, I've paid and suffered the consequences. I felt bad in doing so years or days later. I dont receive joy when hurting others. Yah has given us all a power. A spiritual power. Some are able to tap into this power before others. We all possess it. I refuse to bow down to dark, when Yah shows us his Light EVERYDAY. His light is strict, sharp as a sword, and only gives mercy and GRACE to who he chooses. Shalom.

  7. I am so glad you two put this video back up. You guys should pick a day to reload old videos.

    People don't realize that the enemy don't have a store house full of blessings, we do. So when you ask Yah to bless your enemies that blessing is coming from your store house because you asked him to give it to them.
    They are putting spells on us and sacrificing a lot of us to their gods.

  8. During slavery the women were forced to wear masks with blades placed in there mouth, cause when they curse against the white man he would drop dead. That's how powerful the tongue is.

  9. Indeed, No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper and every, every tongue that rise up against us in judgement, Yahuah shall condemn. Why?, because this is the heritage of the servants of Yahuah.Halleluyah.

  10. I work for a company that considers themselves a Christian company. My white supervisor was caught smoking and injecting meth on the job. They let him keep his job, hired a 22 year old white man to take his position, and gave the drug addict a raise and promotion. Me and the only other black guy can't get a raise, do all the work and are training the new 22 yo supervisor. But the managers will smile in your face, buy you dinner, will even defend you against outward racist. This is true racism. They smile in your face but will never give you something that you deserve before they give it to their own.

  11. You're also give you to forgive them because the people in purgatory are afraid of losing Millions from a wrongful death lawsuit…

  12. Thx very much for all this knowledge…have you thought about traveling and crusading (lecturing us )All over the world… is like manna

  13. The swearing is one of the major reasons my mom and I don't watch Brother Mic Malliss too often. The curses remind me of the worldly "vain" conversation that I used to have and that scripture warns about. We have to consecrate even our speech.


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