Top 5 Foods TO NOT EAT To Avoid BELLY FAT

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Comment (25)

  1. Its been said for years that a little red wine with dinner is good for the heart. I agree with the other foods you list but the wine…😕

  2. I haven't had a burger in a while now but I must admit,that raggety Crack Donalds burger brought back memories.

  3. 1. Soda 🥤
    2. Flour 🍞
    3. Processed wine 🍷
    4. Processed French fries 🍟 (stay away from man-made oil) —> use air fryer
    5. Hamburger 🍔

  4. …excellent dissertation, minus that faux planet lie. By the way, the #1 (echad) food to avoid is processed sugar.


  5. This is actually the best video yet! The core is vital! U get the core right. Everything else will fall into place.

  6. I saw a new commercial promoting a non-food and they said, "Stop eating boring food." The target audience – young adults. Premeditated slow deaths through food!

  7. some months ago youguys had a interesting preview to video yall were going to make, what happened to it??

  8. I love you guys. My family away from my family. If you only knew how much I appreciate you and your views on life, so similar to mine! Be well.

  9. Mr. Nathaniel I eat or drink none of the above, I eaten once a day and drunk water ,but still have belly fat due to hypo thyroid, I do everything and still have weight, I'm not fat but still a size xl, what else can I do

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    7 /25 /2019.

  11. Shalom brother. May Yah always be with you. I just needed to say " go easy, on us that are awakening from this slumber" You, also were asleep at one time. So, go easy and remember we are like children, be patient. All the best, brother. Shalom.


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