Tordesillas – How the Pope divided the world between Spain and Portugal

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In our new animated historical documentary, we will tell the story of the treaty of Tordesillas and how the Popes Alexander VI and Julius II divided the non-Christian world between Spain and Portugal. This video features the likes of Christopher Columbus, João II of Portugal, Isabella I of Castile, Ferdinand II of Aragon and others, along with details on the Age of Discovery and Colonization of the New World

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The video was made by our friend Oğuz Tunç while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis

This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

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Comment (37)

  1. Every Spanish man wants to be with a Brazilian woman because of her attributes, but he prefers a Slavic woman a thousand times because of her natural beauty.

  2. When Colomb appears, Portugal already travalled farway by numerous great portuguese sailors, arriving to Japon and China……this doc talks too much about Colomb because it's said by someone from british culture, who try to minorize portuguese historic pass as usual….Colomb's not the best sailor of that time, Portugal had a lot of them, and they've dominated seas during 15 and 16 centuries…..

  3. Fantastic.. never did I realise the complexity of this treaty, e.g. the ins and outs.. but of course, man and his politics never change.. and that title: "The Catholic Kings" lol… the details you provided were most enlightening..

  4. Sou Brasileiro e muito fã do seu canal, parabéns! É notória a sua dedicação na produção dos vídeos, por isso ficam sempre excelentes. Em particular, gosto muito dos vídeos sobre a história dos impérios Português e Espanhol, além dos que falam sobre o catolicismo, a grande cisma, a reforma etc. Continue com o ótimo trabalho!

  5. Why did all of the other countries (E.g. UK, Netherlands, France andf other European Countries) violate the Treaty of Tordesillas and conquer the other parts of the new world? Also, why both Spain and Portugal didn't not capture the lands later as stipulated in the treaty?

  6. Absolutely fantastic… GREAT WORK… the detail of the sound of Fado ( a Portuguese type of music) when the narration is about Portugal… is absolutely perfect… good good amazing work and job… 🥰🙏

  7. Was king João really annoyed, or was he pleased to know that Spain (and others) will lost efforts looking for a passage to Asia by a route that not existed?
    Was Tordesilhas treaty give north america to Spain and the rich and convenient Brazil coast to Portugal just by chance?

  8. 5:03: Didn't they continue on to Hispaniola, reach it on December 5th 1492, lose the Santa Maria somewhere along the coast during some storm, (at Môle St Nicholas?) build the Nativity fort, and leave 39 men in it (all to be massacred by the Natives for intruding upon their lands, lol, by the Spanish's subsequent return) before going back to Spain for the first time?…Lol…Maybe all of that happened later, this is not how I remember it, but I'm rusty…I certainly can't 1492: Conquest of Paradise as support, lol, they do it the way I remember, but the film is supposed to be pretty inaccurate…

  9. 🖤 It is so amazing how all of history turns in the most significant ways by the most minor of incidents. History is the prime example of the butterfly effect !¡!

    ⚫️ The simple fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire directly triggered the age of exploration & possibly the Renaissance !¡! ( I Must Consume More History !!! )

  10. Germanic = German(south)+ English(central)+ Scandinavia(north)

    Latin = Italian (south) + Spanish Portuguese(central) +french(north)

    Slavic= Balkan(south)+central+Russian(north)

    English(central) beat other 2 in north America (20 mil km2)

    Russian (north) beat other 2 in north Asia (20 mil km2)

    But Latin (central Iberia+North french) succeed in (south America 20 + Africa 20) (40 mil km2)🌍

  11. Not to crack wise, but as somebody who has a degree in this subject, how many indigenous people were in the New World in AD1492? Whatever you think, you're wrong. Politics aside, you're probably wrong. The single greatest population center in the history of two contients, Tenochitlan, though the biggest city in the world, contained less then 1 million inhabitants. Extrapolate that into the dimensions of the New World and no horses, no domestic cattle, no metularguy, no specific agriculture , and the evidence points to less than six million souls in what is now Alaska, Canada, New Mexico, Mexico, And all of Central and South America. Discuss among ypuselves.

  12. LOL what Portugal did with Brazil reminds me of that scene in Seinfeld where George hides a jacket that’s about to go on sale so he can beat another guy to it 😂


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