Toronto woman develops Bell's palsy after COVID vaccine

Jennifer Gibson says she knew there might be side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but wasn’t prepared when two weeks later, she developed Bell’s palsy. Xiaoli Li has more.

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  1. City news why don’t you do a follow up story with how this lady is doing now? I wonder if she plans on getting the booster and does she still feel the same way about getting the shot and is she healed now?

  2. I hate it when people tell me, " just get the vaccine, I got it and I'm fine". Great!! Congratulations!! But you know there are people out there that can get a very serious reaction. Not everybody are like you. They need to do more testing on these vaccines. I don't care if it takes years. I don't want to risk my children's well-being with this vaccine. I'll pull them out of school if I have to.

  3. And the doctors and other medical administrators will continue to gaslight the world with the broadest excuse ever: there’s no link to validate your claim to the vaccine:-/

  4. if they did that to me id need locking up! life is a struggle as is dont need more issues! if there is a virus i hope i catch it and it kills me! i cant cope no more, i dont live i only exist it would be a god send!

  5. Where are the treatments like the ones used successfully in 80 other countries but being demonized as horse dewormer even though it was awarded the Nobel prize in medicine in 2015

  6. This is one of the scariest side effects…and having paralysis being alone with nobody there to take care of me is very concerning, I am totally alone and I do not want to be in that situation.

  7. And after 9 months she will need to get vaccinated again.People are being forced to get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs.Vacciantion has done nothing to suppress covid and that's very apparent as countires that have over 80% vaccination rate still have high cases of covid

  8. I’d like to ask honestly whether any other men around 30 have lost their libido around two months after getting the second shot of the moderna vaccine (or four months after the first shot)? Not interested in scaremongering – I just want to know the truth. If it is the vaccine that’s done this to me, I’ll actually be kinda relieved as at least I’ll know.

  9. as a health care worker a year ago I was labeled a hero, and that is all the compensation I will get when they villainize me and take away my right to earn an income for refusing to accept the mark of the beast

  10. Waiting for your life to go back to normal, you can forget it! That life is over. That mind set is part of the problem. I'm actually surprised the false prophet being the main stream media is actually reporting this. Start reporting all of the people dying from the jab too!

  11. I’d rather get covid than bell palsy or myocarditis… a friend of mine died from AstraZeneca and another hospitalised with myocarditis from Pfizer… I lost my job because I said no to the vax but I have no regrets. Health is more important than wealth and nothing can take away your freedom of choice

  12. with less than 1% mortality , and you are happy you got this side effect .others are dying they are not reporting they are covering up, 1% is not worth it , you are going to have a better out come just to get covid


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