Towards Mainstream Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs)

For decades, various companies, people, and institutes have worked on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems aimed at healthy users, including pilots, drivers, soldiers, and the public at large. Advancements such as dry electrodes, wireless EEG amplifiers, improved electronics and freely available software have made BCIs much more practical, powerful, affordable, and easy to development. Facebook, Elon Musk, and others have publicly announced large-scale BCI projects over the last few years. Nonetheless, even people like BCI researchers and MSR staff generally don’t use BCIs.

This talk will review some prior efforts toward BCIs for healthy users and an overview of the current status of BCI research. I will then address some common errors made when considering BCIs for healthy users and present a more practical framework for BCI adoption. I will address the large-scale BCI research activities and how they may affect available BCI technologies and other factors like public perceptions of BCIs. I will also present other relatively new efforts to help BCIs become more prominent, such as BCI hackathons, Cybathlons, and awards.

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  1. To begin with before this research goes any further, it needs to be understood – someone – mainly governments & military – used a form of BCI as a covert weapon on the citizen population. This weapon was used to commit crimes as well as hide them. It has yet to be exposed and held accountable therefore the crimes with it continue. The criminal aspect will cause a major disruption towards any goal with BCI for obvious reasons at a minimum till it's resolved. Now with that all said…. Lessons Learned from BCI or Weaponized Computer Command & Control of the "Human Node" – 1. Intelligence or Lack there of (genius, normal, detrimental, slight to severe) is ON DEMAND 2. Stops real neurology and replaces it with a faked synthetic form that augments senses biologically somehow for a feel it real experience (mind & body). 3. Computer Controlled – Memories, Thoughts, Thought Processes, Senses – sight, sound, taste, touch, smell – can be manipulated, modified, added or deleted (normally to abnormally). Brainwashing has never been so easy. Using a computer scripted autonomous (in real time) program to "manage" all aspects of a person's life – mental, physical, educational, employment, social – blinks, farts, burps the whole nine yards. Real people's brains don't do this kind of stuff but a computer program simulating the experience can. Using NSA personal information – info gleaned from governmental agencies, social histories, etc.. Fills in or rather fakes out – knowledge of some personal information utilizing a general knowledge type of database (Watson/IBM & Google/Alpha Go). To be able to completely create a 100% every nuance information database on the 7 billion people – the Global Population – it would require extreme data storage capabilities, don't think we're actually able to do so – yet. 4. Another also is the Effects of Removal of weaponized Computer Command & Control – is as yet unknown. Once removed totally – since a neural disruption is used to use the augmented synthetic version – Will There be Troubles in Memories? Functionality Capabilities (ie: able to do something previously, then unable to as before?). Some people may NOT have a "problem" that was present while being neurologically targeted once no longer being applied.

  2. Whole Brain Emulation is NOT what it's claimed to be.

    The ultimate lessons learned from Computer Command & Control of Human Nodes:

    1) it can make you think you are in control of it

    2) it can make it so YOU DON'T REALIZE YOUR NOT

    3) It has been used to DECEIVE People Biologically – Intimately and for so many crimes – only the computer could keep track of

    4) It is used to DIRECT Your Mind & Actions not Allow it as Natural processes really work – basically a very complex, sophisticated CON Job.

  3. By the way quit beating around the bush, the real reason certain people are pushing for these is to force everybody to wear one So they can be constantly monitored that's the end goal right?

  4. I am writing my Master's dissertation about mainstream BCIs in the scope of web and internet communications, and this lecture was incredibly insightful and proved/disproved many of my previous assumptions. Thanks, Microsoft Research for the opportunity to access this kind of information!

  5. Where can I report being targeted by a person who used BCI on me? I do not have a way to prove it but someone can. See my Facebook. Theresa Right Later. I have three boys who their lives were threatened direct brain interface device and mine too if I did not leave MI, divorce my husband and do exactly what they said. I did and lost my family for what a person did to me voice to skull and total human body controlled. I was tortured in pain more than ever imaginable to complete heart stopped at a hospital proven on a monitor as in minded at the same time. I would go to the university to allow you to practice on me if you could help me press charges on them in FISA court. This is reported to you because I don't know where to find someone who can prove this for me. I lost more than anyone would ever agree to in life because of what other people did to me. The united states did not protect me at all. 4 generations of my family targeted starting with my mother Rockford, IL Grace Ann Borcherts my grandma, Vickie Borcherts my mom car accident to coma, Theresa Wright now Slater myself to car accident intensive care to my kids targeted in utero, Justin, Tyler and Kyle Slater of Grand Blanc MI by terrorist. I report this here.


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