Trance-Formation: The Transhumanist Agenda – Max Igan (Full Length Version) HD

Modern day visionary Max Igan presents his highly anticipated release “Trance-Formation” which brings some of the most puzzling challenges humanity faces into clear focus, pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together towards one coherent endgame by the ruling elite. “Transhumanism” clearly explains how chemtrails, GMO’s, vaccines and so much more are working in sync to change human beings into something much different than nature intended. Max proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this process is already well under way.

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  1. theres bad inention behind this film..thought max igan was on the good side..guess they got to him too..when they get to the transhumanism part they dont just inform they portray things and show finished events in a harmful way.. this is not informing its implanting

  2. Have to agree with you… the words we use release vibrations into the universe, changing our own behaviour and people around us…
    I don't see the value in spreading stories of "ruling elite" and humans becoming machines… Since there is no "truth", why don't we create something better together right now?
    This said, there is good and bad in everything. We choose our path.
    Infinite love <3

  3. Where are the people? I just found this today. Is anyone out there? Have you ever felt alive truly? I feel shame because I have and do, yet I have done nothing but segregated myself from those who are not. I am sorry, I don't know what to do to help. I can say one thing; the most bliss and greatest happiness I have ever experienced is when I'm uncontrolled and not controlling. There is a price which I pay often but I'm 50 now and I don't plan on changing those dues. I am judged because I have not conformed well. Targeted I guess you could say. And life goes on. It is painful and l feel alone sometimes. But as always I get to meet someone on the bus or someplace on my travel. We talk about random things, we laugh and share in the most natural, carefree way. Then we part, we both content from the exchange of great energy. Life is best touched and embraced if your willing to be in that moment with everything you have . You will not feel disconnected. You will not feel alone. You will not feel like something is missing. You'll feel truly alive and beautiful. Try it sometime. Talk to a stranger about nothing at all. Not for an agenda. Just free and peaceful. You'll be surprised how many people will be open and friendly. I once talked to a bus driver about chickens. We were both farm girls. We became so indepth in our conversation she missed her turn. People are starving to death for human interaction. I want you to find the happiness I have and you don't need to know a thing about chickens. Just be you long enough to find you.


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