Transhumanism agenda!

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  1. "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctivness to our own. Your culture will adapt to serve us.
    You will be assimilated.. Resistance is futile."

  2. Those "elites" made so much sins that they don't want to die and face The All Mighty and His Divine Judgement… Swchab is one of the most evil and creepy pos of the nwo
    Keep up the good work, greetings from France, God bless you and your loved ones 🙏

  3. Well the vaccine is the beginning of this concept. The graphene oxide (that “trade secret” they never disclosed..) Graphene oxide is a conductor for energy. It can literally host an electromagnetic field that serves as an interface between the vaccinated and 5G. We are living in the worst Sci-Fi movie ever created

  4. They already have access to our thought. Everytime we use our phone and watch videos, your phone itself timing you how long you watch that video for. So they can come up with an algorithym for YOU that can predict your thoughts.

  5. Well , they already started to turn unthinking people into something they weren’t before ..
    D .. N .. A ..
    R…N…A… modification from a simple prick that most don’t seem to understand what it is or what it will do !!
    Can’t be undone and they allow it as if it’s just a bite of an innocent apple.
    Wake up , the zombie is already walking in a dead state. Brain dead.
    That’s why they show a fictional style of zombie craving brains because they have no working ones

  6. The church won't be here for this, when we get raptured , those left behind will be transformed by the devil to create his army before we come back down after 7 years trib

  7. Remember the Borg "Collective" in Star Trek? They mostly resided in the "Delta" Quadrant. The Borg had warp "Gates" they would use to go "Warp Speed". Their whole agenda was assimilating certain species into their collective to absorb their knowledge and technology. The first step in assimilating someone was to inject them with "Nano-probes". The borg also travelled in massive cube-shaped vessels, that the Operation Warp Speed logo bears a strong resemblance to.

    Not even going to mention "Q"


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