Transhumanism Agenda Is Happening Now

They kept us distracted, Infighting looking down every rabbit hole they could muster. All the while they continued to erect cell phone towers, and wifi grids tied to thier quantum computers. They used large scale replications of humanity in computer games and figured out how to distract us while they completed thier real mission.
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Special thanks to ODD Reailty
And NICHOLSON1968 for the intros and outros

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  1. It's supposed to happen and there are Christians standing up. Soon Christians will start being killed in this country for doing just that standing up. How many believers are willing to die for the truth? Those are the types of questions that many don't want the answer to. Lucifer rules this world, it was given to for a time to do so. We are the resistance to that till they come to silence us through the death of our flesh. My soul will not go quietly into the nwo worship the beast system being rolled out. I know where I stand on this on the right side with the son.

  2. hey Richie, that's not exactly how it works, I saw that ep, the actual lady still exists the being in the egg is kind off a clone, she acts like a robotic device that helps the real her after that guy talking to her basically abuses her into submission.

  3. Thanks for all your work Richie! Much appreciated!

    One of the reasons Christians do not stand up is due to many bible passages that have been twisted by pastors.

    Peace ✌

  4. Greetings, transhumanist here. Our movement is comprised of people of all faiths, races, and backgrounds. We are not Satanists or occultists, many of us are Christians or atheists. We seek to allow humanity to change its fundamental nature via technological advancement. We respect the rights of those who do not wish to participate but demand the right to create our destiny. If anyone has questions about our movement please feel free to message me.

  5. Maybe I can calm you down a little, because you're getting that woman in an egg thing completely wrong. They are not taking a biological woman to lock her up inside an egg. They are creating a machine that kind of behaves like a real woman. Your computer can probably also read text with a human sounding voice. But technique still evolves and devices can even answer your questions and sort of converse. The actual risk we are up to is, that these machines will very soon get smarter than us, since they're driven by fast learning computers with a new kind of software. You may wanna google "ALEXA" which is a device by Amazon. ALEXA can converse with you, since she is driven by computers outside your home (that is if you buy one). The only point a Christian can probably get upset over is people playing to be God, by creating digital persons. Just look up SOPHIA THE HUMANOID ROBOT. I don't consider this a bad thing, but quite some Christians say, "If God wanted humanoids in this world he would have created them." I don't say this, but it kinda sounds consistent. If you wanna know what's really going on, whether you like it or not, just have a look. Or maybe not because it might upset you a little too much. 😉

  6. Richie! how can I get pics to you of the sunset I saw tonight? I saw a sun-like orb moving into our sun. It changed the entire "normal" round look to our sun into something messed up.

  7. Transhumanism is the last straw. Satan has been screwing with our DNA and the way God has created in His image from the beginning of time. Yeshua is coming back very soon. God will not stand for anymore. Get ready to go home people!

  8. That replika thing is so freaky! I would NEVER use it, but does anyone know if it's free and available yet? Cuz soon as the marketing for it begins, it will be bigger than Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just wait and see! God bless!

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