Transhumanism, AI and the agenda for tomorrow.

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Comment (30)

  1. 2 words
    Elon Musk
    He is working on this. No this is not far out conspiracy stuff it is fact and what they are working on. Complete control a world of slaves that will not rise up against the powers that be. The vaccine is with the nanotechnology will be able to alter you DNA which will make you non redeemable by our father in have. It will be able to have all you info medically financial making it easier to usher in there cashless society. Meaning you will have to have it to buy sale and trade. They will know were you are and when your there . Bill gates said it would be able to know what your body is doing and able to give you cridets in to you bank account. I honestly never thought I would be alive to see this. All we can do is stand up and say no. If you have to have to have it or choose for them to behead you Just off me me I am ready to go home. Reason I say this if you don't know look into it. The government bought up something like 780k guillotines several yrs ago. Then in Obama care they made it ok to behead ppl here in the United states. Ppl say well Trump overhauled it well he said he would repel it he never did . He overhauled it but he left that in there. Don't believe it look it up. Trump was not put in place by god he is not a man of god well not our father in haven. He is part of the golden dawn one of the 2 houses of satan. Yaaaaa say I am crazy. I'm not just not blind or deaf. Who has ears let him hear who has eyes let him see. Be blessed be strong. Get right with our father in haven do not fear.

  2. I think it is time to put an end to these people who push their abomination onto our society. People need to call it for what it is. Do not be afraid to say it for it is God Almighty who said it first and his word says he hates abomination. May God confuse those who are trying to bring this country down and may he Bless Those who are against this evil.


  4. I dont believe it's crazy talk,just not as mainstream right now.give it a few years though.
    I believe God has timed revelations for a period right before man gets close to going way way too far with science.They said there will be many "miracles" and that many will be led astray.
    Also if people have better preoccupations cellphones are less needed and desired.Yet society is so sick that the only dopamine rush that is being pushed is technology. Most definitely the beast system.
    Good content.

  5. Great Video Travis. I for one do not think you are crazy I think that you are hitting the nail on the head of what is to come in this world. My parents rise me like you are doing with your children. God Bless you and your family.

  6. This is a scary topic. I just mentioned it in my current video series I’m doing on my channel. People need to wake up to the new reality. Pre January 1st 2020 life is gone! It’s time to make adjustments. Thanks for discussing this topic.

  7. I’m 100% on the same page as you Travis, you’re content has always been spot on in my opinion and I really like how you’ve been going out on some limbs here recently and talking about stuff that other prepper channels don’t really talk about 💯👍


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