Transhumanism: Could we live forever? BBC News

The Victoria Derbyshire programme’s Benjamin Zand goes on the search for immortality and meets the people who think we could live forever. This film is part of BBC’s ‘Intelligent Machines Week’

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  1. This would be awesome af to live forever and be able to do the things you would miss out on. Technology breakthroughs, space travel hell with this life lasting long can, we can build a imperial star destoryer! I hope to live to see this.

  2. This may sound great to people who don't believe in God. But it is humans playing God and it won't be good. Jesus Christ gives Eternal Life to anyone who asks. But people have to do things the hard way. But humans put too much faith into computers, What I believe to be scary is you will have a different DNA. I don't want a different DNA then God gave me. And even if they promise we will live forever God I believe in over Mankind and He said they will not.

  3. The price to pay will be to high and we will be enslaved anyway by the few ones taking these scientific decisions(yes, there is people taking decisions at the most high to fund and introduce a transhumanistic agenda). They intend to gain a lot with the transhumanistic agenda and to become like Gods. We, the population in general will be all slaves of these people that created the problem(to give a solution) when they decided to create AI to compete with humans and when they wanted themselves to become those AI and become powerful . How is it possible that humans can create a technology that will leave themselves behind or extinct? I don't know how is it even possible. I wonder who really gave them the knowledge. A normal Human hardly would come further than tv sets. Other thing is that delaying aging has nothing to do with being immortal. Stop or reversing aging if that was really possible would definitely put an end in many surgeries due to aging (plastic surgery and others) . But reversing age it would look like we could live forever but very out of reality (even to transhumanistic scientists) cause what they are thinking is to put human brain inside artificial bodies / robots and a kind of the download of human brain in the AI bodies, which means this is a false immortality and that probably they were just creating copies of themselves. In the end this just would be : people trying to fool themselves by creating new forms of lives to replace their own human lives and condemn normal humans to slaves (useless intellectually) unless they became unhuman (AI).cyborgs would be a more realistic conception of human evolution but never immortals. Maybe that's the reason why 5G, 6G and so on is so important for those in power to get immortal. All a big deceptive illusion in my opinion. . Unless they can maintain their given by God "Natural Hardware and software" young and healthy forever they will still mortals and will die . Those robots to where they uploaded their minds are not them (the originals) anymore but copies of them. But who wants to live forever? We never know how we will think or feel tomorrow. We keep changing all the time.But just imagine achieving immortality and not being immune to physical or psychological pain afteral? and then seeking for death and not finding it (not being able to die)?the death of the soul can be worst than the death of the body.Where's the real evolution afteral ? We don't know, cause we don't know yet what death really is . Maybe death is the process of human evolution that these people are searching for. Think about it.

  4. I'm just going to give my two cents on the topic. To the people against transhumanism, I ask you a question. What is the purpose of life? It's to grow. Every life form, animal, plant, fungi, bacteria, etc. It's purpose is to develop and grow and improve. Transhumanism is just an aspect of that. You might say it's "unnatural" but so is alot of other things we have today. Anything with artificial chemicals in is "unnatural" but that doesn't make it inherently bad. Just my opinion guys

  5. Do all this and instead of dying from old age you die from a mack truck hitting you. That robot take a long time to answer and if she know so much why would she ask a stupid question?

  6. People who don't believe in God and the Bible. We age and die because of sin. Bible says "it is stablished that al man die once; and then judgement". Want to be immortal? give your life to Jesus he promises eternal life.

  7. This paints a weird picture of transhumanism, makes the whole ideology look like a bunch of sweaty Star Wars fans trying to make their fiction come true.
    Transhumanism isn’t always that extreme, some just long to improve themselves with technology and go beyond what humans are. Prosthetic limbs, enhanced senses, organs that won’t fail, etc

  8. How silly people, accept Jesus Christ and confess that He is the Son of God and that He died for the sins of the world
    John 3:16 For God so loved the world , that He gave His only begotten Son. that who ever believes Him should not parish but have everlasting life

  9. Not with government taxation able to take essential private property from individuals ,military mandatory draft instead of a volunteer defense, evils government does in the name of socialism/capitalism to enslave and use up individuals.

  10. This is all Bible prophecy and will come to pass. It is the end of the human race. This is the great work spoken of by aliester crowley (satanist). You will be destroyed if you link up through digital vaccines and elon musk's chip in the brain are the mark of the beast. Take heed.

  11. this is one of the dumbest videos ive wasted my time on. a smart man once said anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. does anyone not see how this is just masked as something that will help us in the beginning that will ultimately enslave us. these fucks want to become gods

  12. Nah I’ve had enough of these Demons who are controlling this system , pushing dark agendas , and enslaving us with jobs and school.
    Believe me this Cyborg stuff is an Agenda for the Mark of the beast , empty vessels with no soul .This is how they make u chose the devil over god by offering u things like "Living forever" or Wealth
    U cannot transfer souls. People are afraid of the thought of eternal dark
    When that’s not true you’ll ascend to a different Dimensional way of life where u won’t have an ego and material things it won’t matter. These people are trying to play god by controlling consiousness.

  13. Huh you guys want a perfect utopia again ? go ahead escape death only one person has been able to escape death only one person has authority over giving and taking life his name is jesus yall should try it ask him to reveal himself


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