0:00-21:02 : Introduction (Meaning of Life)
21:03-46:14 CHAPTER 1: Transhumanism and Life Extension

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46:15-58:52 CHAPTER 2 : Biological Aging
a. “Programmed Cell Death” Theory of Aging
b. “Intercellular Competition” Theory of Aging
c. “Antagonistic Pleiotropy” Theory of Aging
58:53-1:12:26 CHAPTER 3 : Cyborgs
1:12:27-1:24:35 CHAPTER 4 : Artiforgs
1:24:36-1:41:10 CHAPTER 5 : Prosthetics
1:41:11-2:00:44 CHAPTER 6 : Bionics
2:00:45-2:11:15 : CHAPTER 7 : Nanotechnology
2:11:16-2:30:43 : CHAPTER 8 : Microbots
2:30:44- 2:50:43 : CHAPTER 9 : Nanobots
2:50:44-3:10:36 : CHAPTER 10 : Nanomachines
3:10:37-3:27:04 : CHAPTER 11 : Nanoweapons
3:27:05-3:43:32 : CHAPTER 12 : Nanomaterials
3:43:33-4:09:11 : CHAPTER 13 : Graphene Technology
4:09:12-4:29:24 : CHAPTER 14 : Life-Extensionism
a. AMPK pathway
b. SIRTUIN pathway
c. MTOR pathway

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Comment (38)

  1. Want one second.
    For instance if I was perfect. Looking at a painting.
    I wouldn't see the painting. Though I would. But I wouldn't see it for what it actually is.
    I'll see it for everything it isn't.

    Everything it is and isn't

    I'll see every carbon singular atom to a whole painting in any light I want. In any different ways. This is madness. I mean it sounds good. But I wouldn't be this simple humble down to earth moron. It's lovable

    Not being perfect machines

  2. Write a book in minutes, paint a master piece in minutes. Write the greatest movie ever. Wtf. This is bullshit.

    There's no fun no excitement. It's all shit. Not knowing everything is life man.

    Knowing everything and doing everything noting will faze you or make you happy

  3. Jesus showed the world how to overcome death, you are born a man and you must die as a man there is and never will there be any other way. Wake up !!!! If you seriously believe in this nonsensical slime plus time theory i,m not interested in anything you have to say

  4. I haven't watched this and I'm not going too, I already watched something on netflix with the same name and all it was was a 'feel good" way to bring this into being when it's really about control by the rulers of this world and also the depopulation agenda…which is also now being kicked off in full swing by 1st claiming this virus is something it is not, scaring everyone to death and destroying the world economy….problem/reaction/solution…WAKE UP WORLD

  5. If only I was born 20 years from now instead of 30 years ago, I'd live through the upcoming technological renaissance in my prime instead of witnessing it's early years toward my end. Life's not fair…

  6. Reeks of corrupt people selling utopia to the young and optimistic like every other snake oil ideology. The reality is, if all of this is achieved, only the people at the absolute top will have access to it, it will be made so difficult to obtain for us plebs, it will be almost impossible if not outright banned. Or, IF they hand it out like candy, it will be used as a control mechanism. Every ideology is a way to rule people, always has been and always will be.

    (Note when I say "corrupt people" I am not talking about this video's creator, but rather the people who will involve themselves once things start to take off, if they don't already have their fingers in it)

  7. You will see in the next 20 years that the very wealthy are living well past 100 years and that’s when you will know this this is not sci-fi and it is occurring as we speak.

  8. What IF??? what IF, these CV test are actually testing to see who has plenty of nanobots inside them and who doesn't?? And the Vaccine, when given will complete their Agenda in completely changing our DNA to where we become less Human, enter TRANSHUMANISM 🤔🤔🤔

  9. so basically the conspiracy theory that vaccines might have nanotechnology to change our adn is not so of far reality . same tech /nanobots that have a good potential can make harm in bad hands . yes all sounds amazing and I really like the video showing all the great potential , it also has a dark side if its not regulated

  10. God alone is the creator of all things, and He created our souls eternal. He also created hell for satan and demons, and want all of us to be saved through Jesus Christ who paid the price at Golgotha, and defeated satan. We need to serve God only , we were created to serve God only. There’s only one truth and that is Jesus Christ take this from someone who studied chemical process engineering, electronics and automation systems engineering, and computer engineering. God is the author of science since He is the creator of all things.

  11. is genocide philanthropist Bill Gates is accelerating trans humanism with a intentionally releasing virus and vaccine with out asking humans the vaccine genetical material will be inside the human cell can not be removed. how much genetic material of another human or animal the cell can have? He plans to find out on a short or long time. then people will find out he lied the covid vaccine does not protect the lungs. He never ask if people want to be a beast animal or just have cancer! just have the propaganda media and people volunteer for whatever!!! that is happening with his china virus and vaccine! criminal minds!


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