Transhumanism – The Merger of Humans and Technology

The future of the human race is a merger of man and machine, transhumanism. There are several mechanisms used to merge humans with technology.

► Amazon Alexa / Google Home Spying –
► Smart TV Spying –
► Constant Surveillance –
► Give Up Privacy for Convenience –
► AlterEgo Device –
► Modify DNA at Home with CRISPR –
► 5G Dangers –
► EMF & Blood Brain Barrier –
► Take Back Your Power (Smart Meter Documentary) –
► Why in the World are They Spraying (Chemtrails Documentary) –
► Full Spectrum Dominance of Earth –
► People Don’t Know What’s Coming –
► Spiritual Food –


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  1. Be sure to check the description of this video for tons of resources that further expand upon this topic! Sharing this information is vital so others are aware of this technological shift in human consciousness. Addiction to phones are all around us, including in youth. Your support is greatly appreciated to help continue content like this, such as sharing this video, subscribing to my email newsletter, or donating. Thank you! 😊 REMEMBER: There will be a live stream on June 7th to answer any questions you have about this topic.

  2. this didn't show up on my feed! i completely have the creeps. "convenience" at the cost of destroying the very fabric of our society. absolutely devestating. it's my hope that ppl can see the great flaw in this, thanks for the great video.

  3. you know i believe they may have legalized watching our every move via wireless connection since 9/11…which by now hs been basically proven to be a great hoax, something done to put this plan into action perhaps. all just more steps toward a one world government and a new world order, where they will weed out the "rebels" in the name of security. if i didn't believe christ was returning i may be very afraid. maybe this looks like a joke to some, but all who are exposing the truth like this are potentially putting their future safety at risk for the sake of spreading awareness for those few people who actually will wise up and take to heart the true progression of this once great nation

  4. This is soo…well merging with a network will only help allow for humans to be tracked down and eliminated or the merger could just send out virous stuff to all those connected to it…this is by far the easiest way to incapacitate the human race…sooooo…not cool. increasing intellgeince is good, by reading lol…not by merging with networks lol.

  5. As long as electronic home assistants like Alexa don't wash dishes, cook dinner and clean the room, there is no real use for them! I can turn lights and heat on my own, that's not the hardest part!

  6. Sounds like Aldous Huxley warned people of this long ago in Brave New World. The good, real, down to earth people are the unsung heroes in the human condition. They will stand as a symbol that represents light and truth, values that will permeate through eternity. Technology is not eternal.

  7. This makes sense that this would be the ultimate agenda of the elite. We live in a highly post modern and nihilistic time. This would be a sad fate for the human race; like an antithesis to god. Humans have so much potential, we can find beauty and meaning in existence- we expand the doors of perception with our day to day lives. We can also take joy and meaning and replace it with cold technology and science. Our ability to create can be a scary thing.

  8. You can always count on breakdown and decay, suffering doesn't stop just cause you can have what you will, look at superman, or all those other kryptonians, since we are talking fictional scenarios.

  9. It sounds very sophisticated, but the whole concept contradicts itself. Everything will be one but their will be no human consciousness she said. How the fuck would it even benefit a person if its no conscious but controlled by this so called singularity. Transhumanism is the most physical/materialistic thing for any person to want. An addict to technology.

    But yea she kept rambling on by technical advancements but not really tying it together. But from what she said, whom wants to be so called transhuman tied to the singularity and main computer go right ahead. You ultimately will not be controlling yourself. Just experiencing and knowing all of the planet. No true independence.

  10. There is a laid path . But we are ignoring …the soul . The soul and tbe paranormal stuff out there .
    The machine who saw a ghost .
    And the ghost who saw the robot
    Blimey Mr Orwell , you truly were a bit of a visionary . No , I said that not George. We are in a transition period now . Some of us were born in the early 60s . A very different world. But we arr here still . Yet how incredibly has our world changed. Music is now devoid
    Stopped in the mid to late 90s .
    That's it Folks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Logan's run. Blade runner. The boys from Brazil . Frozen cadavers ready to be thawed 15 / 30 yesrs from now . The future's bright the future is totally Sci Fi .

  12. Given earth has a history of great changes from natural disasters to man made, ask yourself combined robotically to live forever would you really want to? Think about how badly this could turn out.

  13. This is utopia. It will never come true.
    In order to upgrade itself, humans have to learn about humans first which we will never make it.
    We cannot be more than what we are jumping from humans into machines uploading our thoughts into cloud using our memories as the base for creating immortal selves.
    If we humans spend so much money on longevity instead on military, humans would prolong their lifespan to 200 if not to 300 years.
    But instead, we used our technology for shortening our life.
    So we don't need to upload our memory into positronic brain.
    It means self annihilation rather than self improvement.
    The entire transhumanism idea is coming from the group of people who claim that Earth is overpopulated.
    Eugenic movement is to be blamed for this nonsense.

  14. The same ppl who claims the world is over populated are the same ppl who claims they have the cure to eternal life. Jesus gives eternal life, not man

    Daniel ch 2 ver 43 "And whereas thou sawest iron (technology) mixed with miry clay (humans) they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay."

  15. Autumn – urgent!! Do you know the israeli youtuber, Raphael Ben Dor? Two days ago, he had a video that also referred to this, and he had a couple of links to websites about this. NOW he has been completely taken Down by youtube!!! 😮 Anyone know about the websites, perhaps?


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