Transhumanism vs. Post-humanism | Prof. Steve Fuller | Transhumanist Party Day 2015

From the ‘Communicating Transhumanism’ Panel at Transhumanist Party Day 2015 on Sunday 04 October 2015. Prof. Steve Fuller on the distinction between transhumanism and post-humanism. Fuller is the Auguste Comte Professor in social epistemology in Warwick University’s Department of Sociology, and author of the book “Humanity 2.0: What it Means to be Human Past, Present and Future”.

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  1. Transhumanist Party UK

    Unless you are able to construct cogent, objective definitions and descriptions of Intelligence, mind, sentience and consciousness then you will be consistently unable to define humanity, except in the crudest possible terms.

    Therefore, If you are unable to define humanity then any references to either Trans or Post-Humanism are self evidently meaningless. As is the fact that, as an established body, this is not a fact that Transhumanist Party UK would be interested in considering.


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