Transhumanist vs #Humanist: A special Online Debate with Calum Chace and Gerd Leonhard #techvshuman

This is the live-stream recording of our April 23 debate on transhumanism vs humanism see for details and downloads
Calum and Gerd have very contrary opinions on the future of technology and humanity, and will battle it out ad-hoc and in real time, covering topics such as:
1) Humans are not just data (Gerd) vs. Organisms are algorithms (Calum)
2) We should transcend technology not humanity (Gerd) vs. We should transcend human limitations (Calum)
3) What is important is our humanity (Gerd) vs What is important is our minds (Calum)
4) We should follow the precautionary principle to govern exponential technological change (Gerd) vs If a technology solves a big problem we should adopt it unless we can confidently forecast significant harm (Calum)

Calum Chace (the transhumanist) is a global keynote speaker and best-selling writer about the future impact of AI. His best-known books on AI are Surviving AI and The Economic Singularity. More at

Gerd Leonhard (the humanist) is a top-rated Futurist, the Author of Technology vs Humanity, the CEO of The Futures Agency and a Global Keynote Speaker see New book:

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  1. If you make the AI uncertain about your preferences, then it might try to find out more about your preferences independently of whether you prefer it to do so or not . "I can never be certain that what he says is what he wants, so I need to make sure" proceeds to disassemble your brain to accurately evaluate your preferences
    Also, as long as your preference not to kill isn't known to the AI, it might not occur to it to ask you for permission any more than it would ask whether it should start setting one foot in front of the other (or even whether to execute its next assembly instruction). In other words, as long as the AI doesn't know your preferences, it wouldn't know when to ask for clarification. Violently displacing a human through a wall might "feel" the same like displacing some air in front of itself to the AI…

  2. Space is vast
    You should have what it takes
    space sets the tone
    Not this limitation
    Adaptation is what is required and how to go about it
    We can also part in different ways
    Not everybody has to go in the same direction
    Would you even want to?


  3. Cybernetics
    And more
    He doesn't understand all the technological systems and mixed systems theories or synthesis
    Finding the right synthesis will take a bit of time and challenge
    You can always back up data aka DNA
    Last know settings in essence
    It may not be for everybody
    Don't hold them back
    At the same time
    Be safe about it
    He doesn't have to do it
    Not everybody will be willing

    Not until they see what is possible
    Some will
    others perhaps not
    It is what it is
    I think more then just a simulation
    It will be far more profound
    I like Eric Drexler's Ideas

    Facebook is not the problem alone
    People had already been hegemonized prior to belief
    That's not to say I think Facebook is a perfect angle

    · Edward Bernays was an American business consultant who is widely regarded as having created the modern profession of public relations with his groundbreaking campaigns of the 1920s.

    The Swing Riots were a widespread uprising in 1830 by agricultural workers in southern and eastern England, in protest at agricultural mechanisation and harsh working conditions. It began with the destruction of threshing machines in the Elham Valley area of East Kent in the summer of 1830, and by early December had spread through the whole of southern England and East Anglia. The first threshing machine was destroyed 
    🙄☝ global automation in the 1830s
    We have been culture lagging for a lot longer then he realizes
    But maybe it was ment to be for that era
    A new era is upon us
    If women still want to have kids traditionally
    Find a way to enhance that as well
    Some may want to be be minor upgraded as they are now
    Others may want to go in space and it requires whatever it requires

    Anna is talking about A resource based economy
    Something like the Venus Project

    I don't know what one may find in space
    But I need my light and shadow ready for it
    I'm not saying you are the threat
    It's unexplored
    I like to be ready for something that could be a threat
    But that is just my opinion
    That's just meme
    things can be cybernetic designed no to harm each other
    But any other organism that is a threat must be dealt with by any means necessary
    It could be non lethal or elimination
    Just a safety precaution
    But it will be individuals in a hive sense
    It doesn't mean no personal autonomy
    It just can't be this type of competition we do now

    technology can drive equality to a degree
    But when people don't have the monies
    you get this 🙃👇

  4. 27:00 "We think with our body" is absolutely correct. Not only do peripheral nerves respond to thoughty, they are essential inputs-outputs for brain operation. Even our most basic sense of identity is habituated into the brain (processor) by the environment through the body (the wider information system). When you change these inputs/outputs, and put the brain in a disembodied state, it will not retain its shape energetically and informationally. Calum jus shrugs that off like it's some ancient pre-neuroscientific metaphore.

  5. Calum Chace: "and they probably shouldn't be forced to" become transhumanist. Is that not the most disturbing statement? That "probably" he threw in there carries alot of weight. For anyone who believes that transhumanism is a great idea, pay attention to the people who are advocating for it.


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