Transhumanized..The Agenda Continues!

The Preprogramming continues deeper in 2016..
Mind Control Warfare
The Push for Greater Technology to improve our lives!
Cloning..Live Longer..Becoming Immortal
The New Normal for future Generations!
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  1. Nic, when the created becomes the creator, when the haunted becomes the haunter, when the machine becomes the man, when the man becomes the machine, then the cycle of self and insanity is complete for we have become our own enemy which is the plan of the Satan. By the way Nic, what do you think about those portable portals, the replicas of the Temple of Baal, being erected in New York, London and possibly to a city near you. Think it might have something to do with CERN, superposition and human sacrifice? Peace and Strength through the Holy Spirit be with you, Bro! Oh, one more thing: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto,,Mata ah-oo hima de. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, Himitsu wo shiri tai! The Secret of Kilroy

  2. This was a really informative vid brother, thanks for ur continued hard work that u do for All of us! And I really enjoyed ur interview that Gonz and Basil did with ya! I do have a question for u tho, do u know of the significance of the date May 5, 2016 and the Antichrist being revealed? Many blessings to u and urs in Jesus Name💜🌈💪👑

  3. SPOILER This reminds me of the scene in Dawn of Justice, The Batman Vs Superman film, where Cyborg (Clearly transhuman) is created. The scientist has tried numerous times to create his machine/human hybrid then a cube comes alive and attaches itself to whats left of the human, some black goo then spreads out and forms the mecanical parts. The answers are in the movies if you know what you're looking at.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. I use to think I can't take all this anymore. we are living it. .with only an increase in more unbelievable reality. .perhaps soon we will awaken and it will all be just a bad dream….please let it be a bad dream….I want a 1 way ticket out of this crazy world!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I used to be really into science fiction and I thought it would be really great to live forever using these very same techniques that they are developing today and have been talking about in sci-fi for a long time. But now?? Now living forever that way is the only thing that looks like a true hell to me. I don't believe in hell the way many Christians do, but THIS? This choice that is coming to us, looks like true hell to me.

  6. Fantastic connection to Revelation Mr. Nicholson! kuddos to you sir. And yes, this is clear and in our faces. Its a perfect connection to what's coming. Endless blessings to you and your family. You're in our prayers.

  7. dear YHWH strength to us all your children we are in the darkest times
    ever to be known as you prophesied through your prophets and our lord
    and king YHSHUA encourage us to encourage and hold each other up.. we
    the children of the creator of the universe stand together we are all in
    this we are not alone.. we will live eternally and run this course…
    you father see it all strengthen and bring love to us when we feel alone
    and weak, THANK YOU YHWH

  8. I think about all the sci Fi movies when I see this,especially what's in them,like The 5th Wave,Lucy, countless others as Marvel movies..
    Immortality bus?
    good grief?
    Sure don't read The Bible
    top work NIC 😀
    God bless you

  9. For years it's been in our face.
    All these lies about space.
    Technology is our false grace.
    His plot to create a new race.
    But for that there is no place.
    Satan has tried to leave no trace
    And his lies have kept a steady pace.
    But I've seen his "fruit" and I don't need a taste.
    For God is my eternal base.

  10. I'm 61 yrs old, and I can remember a show on TV that was very popular,, the 6 million dollar man. I remember wanting to replace my arms and legs an be like him, little did I know as a child what I was wanting. The Lord has educated me, and I'm very happy with this tired old body, for sure. My our father keep our eyes open.

  11. May God have mercy on us all. May our sins be forgiven by the blood of Christ Jesus. May Jesus return soon and save us from ourselves. God bless all those who read this, keep them safe, watch over them and keep the spirit with them at all times, amen!

  12. hi nicholson good job i like it and i know that is not the only thing what you did for the humanty i gues i know your real identity you did someting much biger than diese videos but die people are stupid and didnt honor it now you live like fugitive sory about it and thanks for all


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