TransVision 2017 – Tomasz Romanowski, Transhumanism in Poland

“TransVision: For 3 days, transhumanists from all around the world gathered in Brussels to federate a worldwide technoprogressive movement.
Day 1: Each speaker presents the situation of transhumanism, the evolution of the movement and transhumanist thought in their country, for a quick overview of transhumanism in various countries of Europe and in the world.

Transhumanism is an international intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology. Such improvements can include augmented exoskeletons, technological implants, brain-computer interactions and even longevity research to hack the biology of aging and live a longer life.


– Anders Sandberg, Sweden
– Andres Grases Briceno, Spain
– Angel Marchev, Bulgaria
– Anton Kulaga, Romania
– Armand Ngaketcha, Cameroon
– Chris Monteiro, Great Britain
– David Wood, Great Britain
– James Hughes, US
– Jose Cordeiro, Venezuela
– Marc Roux, France
– Mira Kwak, South Korea
– Stephano Vaj, Italy
– Sven Bulterijs, Belgium
– Tomasz Romanowski, Poland
– Waldemar Ingdahl, Sweden
– Valeriya Udalova, Russia”

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