Trials and Tribulation, Count it all Joy.

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  1. Very good lesson. I see the look on your face listening to your son because he gets it. This is same look that TMH wants to look at us with because we get it. To do this we must go through trials and tribulations. Good post.

  2. Thank you very much for this teaching… My wife and I love how your entire family are participating in the discussion…. keep up this excellent work… May Yah keep you and your family…. 

  3. wow i just went through a crazy trail but through it all thanks to your videos i learned my lession and as soon as i learned yah gave me the victory it wasnt easy but i was able to stand through the faith in yah's word, and this is a comfirmation glory to the most high halleluyah!! May Yah bless y'all and keep up the good work. Thank y'all so much!!

  4. Another excellent, inspiring video!!!! Todah moreh!!! It reminds me of two of my favorite quotes:
    "You can't have a TESTimony without a TEST"  
    "Have you PRAYED about it as much as you've TALKED about it?"
    May the TMH continue to bless you and your family!

  5. Great message!  This was must needed for me. I know have an understanding of what is currently going on in my life. All Praises to The MOST HIGH.  Hallelujah!  Shalom

  6. Hello brother! What is the name of the bible with the true names in it your using? I'm sure I can find it on amazon. Thanks in advance! May Yah bless!

  7. Shabbat shalom moreh. I have a question. Please know that I get so much wisdom, guidance, inspiration and counsel out of the ministry that you and ahkoti DeborYah have. However I want to ask about something you said at about 5:40 in this video. You were talking about how some people want to be placed on top of the mountain without climbing one stone (very true btw). But I remember in one of your other teachings, I can't remember which one, you both were talking about the song "Lord, Don't Move My Mountain But Give Me The Strength To Climb" and you said it was wicked because we should have the faith to move the mountain out of your way, or to have Yah move it out of your way. I am not implying that you are contradicting yourself because I am very blessed by your videos, but I need clarification on this. When is it okay to have the mountain moved and when is it necessary to climb it?

  8. I want to know how to pray again because I saw your other video and now I am confused I usually wake up an talk to my s in prayer…I usually use LORD OR JESUS guidance would really be appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE. Oh and what kind of bible should I get now…


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