TRIPLETS All Become Autistic Within HOURS of Vaccination

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  1. This is terrible!!! Yep they say it’s genetic… my son and my nephew both have autism!!!! The most high will avenge us when he come back!!

  2. They said the same thing about the chicken pox vaccine, which was new in 2001. But my childs injection spot never went away , turned into two blisters, 1 per leg and what followed was 7 years of 105° temp every day, fainting spells, weakness, no appetite for weeks, no emotions and puss filled blisters that randomly eruted … When looked at or touched . My child had a extreme allergic reaction to messels mumps and rubella aka chicken pox vaccine and it damn near killed him. Took for a black doctor , after the white ones….. To believe that the vaccine was unsafe and killing my kid. To all keep the vaccine glass jar , valve or whatever container they draw the vaccine from, as your proof . And get it tested on your own . Proof is in the putting.

  3. I feel so stupid for having my son vaccinated. He has autism, he's 5 years old and never ever spoke one word. I stop all vaccines for him when he turned 3.

  4. Our immune system develops until we are 2 years old, and then we have that immune system for the rest of our lives. How would throwing vaccines at such a young age NOT have negative side affects?

    I hope these antivaxx people are wrong about these things

  5. Yes, sounds familiar. Even if you got in court prior to the three years statute of limitations, you still can not list Autism as causation. Can't stand the world.😞

  6. Before I learned about all of this I had stopped allowing my child to be vaccinated after she started having flu last like symptoms. Her last vaccine was given at school & was the nasal type. Maybe that night or the next day she complained of headaches, stomach pain etc. This went on for about a year and during that time I would take my child to the doctor for her constant pain. I told them that none of this started until after she received the vaccines. Each time I said this (to different doctors) they all dismissed it & was adamant that the vaccines had nothing to do with my baby’s failing health. Whenever I was asked about vaccines and I informed them that we no longer participate in that…it was really awkward. The whole vibe in the room changed…uncomfortable feeling &they all seemed disgusted with my decision.

  7. I’m so happy I know this now because I’m 3 months pregnant. I never liked doctors and never seen the point of vaccinations. I would always ask them what’s in the vaccines and they’d dodge my question. Glad I know now. More ppl need to know about this through 😩 this is so devastating to know that there doing this to CHILDREN 😰 the wickedness of this world is multiplying 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. my daughter and son never were vaccinated. here in cleveland ohio people dont how easy it is to sign a waiver form but they make you think you have to jump through hoops

  9. Bill Gates has said out of his own mouth that the vaccines are created for DEPOPULATION. It's the agenda of the global elitist.

  10. Unfortunately, vaccines have become a huge "money maker" in the medical industry. The doctors are pushing vaccines night and day…pharmacies are now administering vaccines. It is not a parents option to not vaccinate their children, it is required in order for infants/toddlers/children to enter into daycare and school systems. This is rapidly becoming more of an agenda than a health option. Soon, it will be a law that mandates and requires these vaccinations of all types including whooping cough, flu, pheumonia, shingles, infants, and more to be administered against our will and approval. What and how can we fight against this???

  11. Oh LORD help us… there has to be some kind of connection…if not directly…then indirectly… ABBA FATHER… please bless these beautiful babies and their families…

  12. ETERNAL PRAISES GLORY TO THE HIGHEST YAHWEH ELOHIM AND SON YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH I’m 1000% convinced that the MMR shots caused my son to have autism. It started with the MMR vaccination shot at 9 months. 3 days later he had a high fever and we took him in to the doctor and they said it was a bacteria in his blood, so then five days later he started having seizures he was having like 30 day but they weren’t the ones that you would choke on your tongue it was like a muscle seizure so they put him on drugs to suppress the seizures had it for like for three years and then the Seizures went away what led up to being diagnosed with autism if I would known then what I know now 💯 but I’ve researched a lot of different stories and I’m telling you millions of kids have the same story as my son of course these demonic Lucy Lovene 2/3 people doctors pharmaceuticals and all the satanic bitches around the world Will sit there and say they don’t know what causes all these made a good point my bro I’m glad there’s like mines around the world BARAKATHA 🦁💯🦁🙏🏽🦁💯❤️


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