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Comment (48)

  1. Truly appreciate this lesson AHKI 🤲. May Yah 🙏continue to bless you and your family 🙏 Shalum and Ahthah Barak.

  2. If we all are going to die , then who are the people thats gping to be here when the Messiah returns ! The scriptures say there is gping to be nashing of teeth and the people are going to say ," lord did we not cast out demons in your name , and you visied me not in prison or the hospital and they are going to say," when were you in prison or in the hospital and He is going to say the least you have done to them you have done it to me ! Depart from me you workers of iniquity. I. Never knew you. So there were people alive

  3. The Set-Apart Spirit was speaking today! HalleluYAH! This was a powerful message sent from The Most High. Let’s continue to draw closer to YAH…. and get understanding. HalleluYAH!

  4. I've been watching you guys for years if is real supposed to teach the other nations why are you teaching from the cepher Bible which is written bathroom tile are you doing the work of the Gentiles

  5. We supposed to teach the Gentiles how is it that they were writing a book which is the cepher Bible that which you are teaching us that is no different in Christianity I just want to understand why are you doing this to Israel

  6. reading the word, through an israelite lens there's no mistaking that these are black people being described. Especially when you read verses about loud shouting and great weeping, only our people are that dramatic.

  7. Oh my Yah!!!👋🤗Brother Watchman Yah and sister Deborah Yah, y'all better tell it plain and simple!😂 Thank y'all for this study. It blessed my soul and gave me greater understanding. May Yahuah bless you more and more is my prayer for your channel to continue to teach us to understand what Yahuah is telling us even today! I love your courage and I appreciate you both so much! For all that you do, THANK YOU FROM


  9. 6:42 pm sunset sundown Erev (Evening) "the
    Hour is at Hand" "we in preparation" (We ready) Erev of Sukkot

    then at Sunrise/Sunup 🌅 Sukkot days will be celebrated 🙌 ⛺

  10. 6pm 7 or 8 Erev of the Son of Man being delivered to the High priest Yahushua was "in preparation"" he was ready" the hour was at hand" and spent overnight in jail he had to be put on trial the next day at Sunrise 🌅

  11. Then at Sunrise Trial starts couple hours then at noonday or after noon day crucifixion the Messiah taking down quickly before the hour comes because the "Hour will be at Hand" for the Passover the Eve of the Passover preparation getting ready

  12. Psalm 14:7
    "Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion! when Yahuah bringeth back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad."

  13. 😆 this is fantastic, buzzing of this teaching, I’m only in John 2 -12-22 and I Can’t wait to see where your going with this 🤣 I’m holding in to my seat. Fab, Fab and more fabs.

  14. Wow! to partake in his death and then His resurrection OmDayz. How have we miss that. This is where the HolySpirit comes into the picture . Keep going watchman 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. I worked last Sabbath and was just able to finish this teaching now. I resumed at about one hour and 12 minutes. Yesterday at work I opened my small Bible I carry in my pocket, and like usual I pray and open it and read wherever it opens. It opened to Romans 6. i had a small understanding of what the chapter meant. And this teaching was mind blowing to me. He constantly uses your teachings for whatever it is that I’m working on. The week after I started trying to memorize the fruits of the spirit your meditation came out the list goes on and on. it is so humbling as I sit here putting this down I am crying because I am not worthy, though I pray to be counted worthy to enter kingdom and serve his people. What an honor to be chosen to help right something so horrible. I can’t believe he picked me. I stop his people and apologize for everything my people have done whenever I am led to do so. Thank you both for everything you do for me. Thank you Deborah for your honesty. I could never convey my appreciation for what you have done for me. Your words are like a mirror to me. You allow me to see myself honestly so I can pray and change. HalleluYAH


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