Turkey from Hell…The Truth about Thanksgiving Day: Happy ThanksKilling day!

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Comment (27)

  1. Most want to ignore the horror behind these pagan holidays. Some are trying to do the right thing and seperate themselves from the madness….

  2. I’m so ashamed I just celebrated this holiday. I’m now awake and will not be celebrating this holiday going forward. Along with other terrible holidays. Thank you for the video….God Bless…

  3. If everyone who still participates in that day would look at that turkey and ham as a massacre of slaughter people, then there could be no way they could justify any type of celebration on that day!

  4. This will be my last year celebrating Thanksgiving!!! However, I'm still gonna get my grub on during that holiday!!! Ahhhhhhh yesssssss!!!

  5. That man look like a white man with long black hair.

    They don't look like Indians to me…..I'm saying🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. As a Hebrew I still don’t know the real holidays of our people , maybe watchman you should make videos on the Feast days

  7. Take heart my friend the universe has a way of catching up with EVIL especially when evil is done in the name of….

  8. ..I always had a deep sense of death feeling about The Turkey and Thanksgiving Day itself as far back as i remember' even when i was in the 5th -6th Grade The whole class was told to write a poem about what they felt Thanksgiving meant and God is my witness i wrote "Turkey Turkey' you make me feel so Lurkey" so i 100% can identify because Much Evil and Bloodshed has Paved The Roads we Trod upon' The Ground we Walk upon' and in the Light of All Truth and Reality as The ETERNAL GOD Whom Has Witnessed Sinning When All'.. Tis Each and Every Generation' since The Fitnessed Beginning Then Fall'.. of His Breach Very Creation'.. We are Truly and Duly' The Ones who are So Undeserving and Unworthy To.. as John The Baptist said'.. "Unlatch His Sandals".. But GOD Who is Rich in Mercy' Demonstrated His Love For US By Sending His Own SON in The Likeness of Sinful Flesh and For Our Sin' Condemned Sin in The Flesh that We Might be Made The Righteousness of GOD IN CHRIST'.. BORN AGAIN MY FRIEND From Our Selfish Prime Modernity' to Relish Time and All Eternity' 👉😬🙏☝️🤪👈

  9. Thank you for sharing the video. I did not celebrate this year not will I ever. No more pagan celebrations. Only feast days according to scripture.

  10. The world we live in is a false delusion. AMERICA is founded on lies and deceptions. People view the truth as a lie and a lie as the truth. AMERICA is the most evil country on the face of the earth. GOD Angel will destroy AMERICA because AMERICA is the great Babylon. Everything is wicked in AMERICA.

  11. Watchman, this did not show as a new post, only came across it scrolling. And I do have bell notifications on for your channel.

  12. Thank you for this information. I stopped celebrating so called Thanksgiving years ago, I didn't raise my children celebrating it. This year 2020 I fasted, America is based mostly on Lies!

  13. Let me ask advice. What about "holiday office parties" wouldn't that be the same thing as partaking in Christmas? Pls help ! ❤


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