Turmoil in Pakistan: Top court to seal PM Imran Khan's fate today | World News | WION

In a recent update on Pakistan’s political crisis, the top court will seal Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan’s fate today. The top court verdict is only a few hours away. To know more details, watch this report by Anas Mallick.

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Comment (32)

  1. He wanted to take kashmir😂, his own garden he cannot tend he is going to take India with Modi at the helm😂

  2. Youtube attaches a note to some government funded channels like "Al-Jazeera" stating: "Al-Jazeera is funded in whole or in part by the Qatari government"
    Yet for a channel like DW or France 24 which are also funded in whole or part by government, youtube note states: "DW is a German public service broadcat"
    Clear Youtube bias.

  3. Please please please help imran Khan
    Sach ya hey
    Chief justice & Election commission gadar gadar gadar gadar
    america key yar hey…
    Imran Khan ZINDABAD 💞🇵🇰🇷🇺🇨🇳💞

  4. Sorry to say that "all the 'trump cards' used by H.H Imran Khan seems useless" !

    Imran Khan surrounded by all problems when 3rd Wife wizard expert Bushra Bibi left him without any notice.

    Still Imran, the Pakistani Playboy may use a more final TrumpCard is to impose Shariah Laws in Pakistan in regards of Allah and Arabian Prophet Mohammed (bin Abdullah) and Surely this Card will work.

    Even Khan Imran engage his mind and brain for the selection of 4th WIFE and to start a new journey.

  5. Imran and Speakers are traitors of constitution, Speaker broke the law and constitution to save Imran,s govt.
    Imran,s mean, Might Is Right

    Jis Ki Lathi Us Ki Bhens

    Jis ke pas ziyada jazbati workers hein wohi jeete ga, is that right ?

    Can Imran win with Molana Fazal,s workers if we apply this philosophy ?

  6. Im not Pakistani but as far as I know Imran Khan wont bow down to International Mafia Federation (IMF) that put the nation as a debt slave by offering enormous loan that only benefited the previous leaders…

  7. The question which the islamic world and the Pakistani folks whether the supreme court is partial or lmpartial the leader of the opposition looks like a sick man how can he improve the economic situation only mr imran khan can afford to redress the economy by his friendly ties to islamic and arabs government any way wait and see Who are behind the curtains and seeing the whole movies playing folks

  8. Imran Khan becoming PM of Sri Lanka while Mehenda Rajabird assuming the position of PM in Pakistan can possibly bring some better results. Switching sides will work wonders most of the times. Something is better than nothing. So, why not give a try.

  9. Zelensky wants victims so that he can garner support for his war. Why not surrender like France in WW2? Save towns & soldiers lives

  10. honourable supreme court has ordered to send home this joker called imran khan……….. a sigh of relief for poor people and common man.

  11. Supreme court decision is symbolic at most, president has already desolved the parliament, the elections will be held in three months.

  12. The US is destroying Pakistan's democracy because they want ISI ( Pakistan intelligence agency) to take over the politics. America is paying so many politicians in ruling and opposite party to destroy the democracy
    Whenever ISI was in power it has attacked India and it has caused wars between India and pak
    Reasons for doing this – because India didn't care about US and UK's sanction and they bought oil from Russia ( though both US and Uk bought majority of it's oil from Russia { hypocrisy} )
    So this is how Pakistan is getting back at India

  13. Slaves of America has won the match in pakistan? WHAT PAKISTAN HAVE GAINED FROM BEING A SLAVE OF AMERICA FOR LAST 50 YEARS? America gain the License to kill in the name of terror. What is the strength of opposition? Urge for power? Is america allowed any strong leader to survive in Pakistan? They killed Ziaul Haqq. They ousted Imran from power now. IF PAK PEOPLE HAVE SELF RESPECT, SUPPORT IMRAN KHAN.

  14. As a Pakistani We haven't seen such loyal and trustworthy leader who love his nation more then anything.Shame on our Judiciary 😭😭😭more then 89 % people love Imran Khan you are liar


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