Twelve Tribes of Israel Video Display


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  1. Cool…but question? If the letter J wasn’t in the Hebrew language how was Judah and Joseph spelled and pronounced. I’m trying to educate myself and my daughters. Thanks in advance ❤️

  2. Salom, I have recently purchased these flash cards on the qodeshshops, but I still have recieved an email to say that my order has been recieved after paying. I live in Canada and I would like to know what's happening. There is no customer service contact on the site either.

  3. This is very interesting Deborah, it said you did this vedio a year ago,however this is the first time I'm seeing this can you tell your subscribers were to find this information at?

  4. Oh
    This is EXCELLENT material.
    I definitely am pushing for this in study materials in schools where heavy black populations.
    Some of which are revising what should be in books for the black centers anyway.
    Very well done Mrs D!


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