Two pylons in Parwan province of Afghanistan bombed, blasts cuts off electricity | WION

Attacks in Afghanistan has intensified on Eid and security challenges loom large in the country with three blasts been reported in the last 24 hours. Two power transmission towers were blown up during attacks in Parwan province

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Comment (19)

  1. I am from Afghanistan 🇦🇫 and I know we know everyone knows that these attacks are from None but Kurisani what ever they call themselves Panjshir province people with the help of USA 🇺🇸 of course !!! Afghanistan 🇦🇫 will never ever see peaceful day I guarantee you this. I was born In 1990 year ever since my birth I’m on the run 🏃 to this day I consider myself lucky and u unlucky that I dnt live in Afghanistan 🇦🇫

  2. Pfff! What do you do with a region like thee we Middle East that seams to just live being in a never ending cycle of war !

  3. Taliban & ISIS now fighting, Just Spooky to Think of The Victor There & God Bless India 🇮🇳

  4. Afghan taliban likes to live in the stone age for ever they are unfit for the civilized world, or maybe this is a pakistani hand as revenge.

  5. Send Akbaruddin Owasis brothers to afganistan where isis is killing the Shia / Hazara community people in the name of Holy Allaha

  6. There is to much anger in this world and we all need to banish hatred from our hearts and our souls and prey to the one and only almighty god creator of heaven and earth amen

  7. the Islamic state group is not Islamic and they are created/sponsored by USA via third party to cause instability in Afghanistan and the region.

  8. So much invest from the international community in this country but it seems they like to live in the middle age.

  9. I bet the taliban wish they looked into everyone they released from those prisons now n its alittle funny how the taliban a terrorist group is being attacked by isis another terrorist group that is doing they samething they did when america was in afghanistan lmao

  10. The Taliban receive lots of money from the elite, before, to kill all the Christians in all those country’s, then was a mass refugees situation, but still getting a lots of money from many, even the elite from the west, because they want to reduce the population.
    If you don’t understand my writing, and the situation, then look to their cars of trucks. Some one buying new cars and trucks to them, even their uniform has all you need for war.
    Then you have a famous person, Biden, living 8 black hawk helicopters to make their army stronger.
    Now the plan has started about 2 years a go. COVID to damage the economy and make people obey in their contry by showing 6G Whohan vídeos of falling on the grown, then they show this videos every were and in every country, then people get scare, then they obey their government and the government give them an a shot in their body with graphene oxide, this component interact with their cell to produce magnetic field, then will be enough 5G to make them sick, to come to the hospitals, and receive their final days shot.

  11. The islamic state any place where you have religious lunatic s when are the people going too collect there minds and evolve religions or idiots and children .the preists and mullaghs time is up for these people and there lies and enslavement .

  12. If you just search "Pakistanlı" or "Pakistanlılar", it could see a number prominent accounts' and Turkish news media tweets on Pakistani Pervert , Go back Pakistanis.

    Note : Type those words on Turkish Language.


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