U S and Canada on Fire, BIood Crying Out

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Comment (19)

  1. You really gave me a real understanding of what is going on. I have been reading that and hearing the Baptist Church preach it in my church days. But you really made me understand what's going on. Thank you so much. APTTMH YAHAWA

  2. TMH is bringing down the US, in many ways within itself, now the Trump clan is back in motion causing a divide along with America's racist history being exposed along with other things.

  3. What about abortions all over yhe world. Even before conquist there has been a lot a blood spilled. Look at Africa. Why they dont develop properly? Because there is blood on all hands of all ethnias. This is a world problem. None of us is free of guilt. God have mercy on us.

  4. And the killing of the babies God Judgement coming" Thank you Brother for speaking the Truth. 😢

  5. The soul is in the blood. There are a few verses in the Bible that confirms this. When you understand this the weight of killing someone really changes…well for me it did any way.

  6. I had to hear this 5 times! And by the 3rd time follow in scripture. I thought it was judgement but then the world kept blaming global warming?????
    This is validation that global warming is simply the catalysis of innate judgement. For blood shed !!!!!!

  7. Sis:MyraWaiters, has been warning the caucasians about the debt they must pay, will pay and are paying now, and they still have a lot of dying to do. Because of all of the wickedness they has sown through out the entire earth.


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