UK calls on 'doubling down' support for Ukraine against Russian invasion | International News | WION

British foreign secretary has called for a doubling down support for Ukraine against Russia. In her speech in London, Liz Truss has urged the West to provide more support and NATO-standard weapons toa rm Ukraine for the ongoing war.

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Comment (33)

  1. The US Democrat Party puppet Zelensky and his collaborators should be punished for war crimes. The Ukrainian Azov militia have also been killing Ukrainian women and children, and have been bombing and destroying their own buildings. The western world governments are fools for supporting Ukraine. They should pressure Ukraine to surrender.. The US Democrat Party members from the President on down should also be tried for war crimes for creating and supporting this conflict.

  2. Lizzy, get a lesson in geography. Further, shut up. Russian bear 🐻 is sufficiently pissed off with you and all the woke West. No need to double down. You get into more troubles yet. Let's go Brandon 🤠

  3. UK is disgusting itself. Argentina is still asking for justice far foulkland war !! Why is the UK not putting boots on the ground !!

  4. Whose you goin to ask to equipe those?…no more ukrainan soldier in battle field, all they got is amateur militia, old vet and traped civilians…shame.

  5. All you Pootin fanboys understand that Russia's GDP is a mere 1.4 trillion compared to US EU 37 trillion? Let that sink in.

  6. May Our Lady of Zarvanytsia protect Ukraine from Putin's evil madness. May all Ukrainian saints intercede with the Almighty for the immediate removal of Putin and Lavrov from power. May the First Testament Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos) join all the holy Jewish men and women to bring this about. May St John Paul II and St Nicholas, together with St George, St Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and all the angels protect Ukrainians and bring their country to a just peace.

  7. Do we not have even just one 'leader' who can get Putin and Zelensky in a room together…?? Not a single one ??
    Why we pay these people the Big Bucks is beyond me.
    Stop sending weapons…send a typist. FFS.

  8. UK must thank russia of holding back its temper not to used nuclear to uk..continue poking russia..and repent later for your actions.

  9. Never going to happen russia wil win the war and protect the russian speaking people in the east who have been bombed by the Ukairnian army since 2014 that nobody talks about.

  10. haha, Ukraine done well, while others pay for equipment, they will have for free :))) EU is full of idiots?

  11. UK has raging poverty, it cant even pay for housing for the brits. should shut up before Putin shuts them up


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