UK PM's visit to India for India-UK free trade agreement yet to be formally announced | WION

UK PM Boris Johnson is expected to arrive in India next week in a state visit which will aim to highlight a successful India-UK partnership. The visit of British PM is yet to be formally announced by Downing Street, it follows the successful completion of 4 out of 26 chapters in the ongoing India-UK free trade negotiations

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Comment (38)

  1. Dear Indian please don't believe U.K. they are not good friends of Indian. Don't forget paste History what they did against Indian people's. Jai Hind.

  2. India should demand return of loot sitting in British Museum and crown before agreeing to free trade

  3. Apart from UK, India should try to negotiate FTA with EU countries as UK is no longer in EEA, so making UK as base to enter EU market may not bring desired benefits to India.

  4. India should not do any trade with UK. India should not forgott that britisher was looter and extortion king of golden india. If india is in real independent sovereign country then he should not allow party gate accuse and indian finencial Frawader sheltering in London. .. And if india on only on transfer of power agreement then UK is real ruler of india.

  5. Boris will screw things up by pressing for sanctions against Russia to appeal to voters back home where he's failing

  6. Beware….he lies quite often….so don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth….😮
    A very very selfish individual & doesn’t represent the UK as a whole…

  7. I was watching the video and at 1:37 caught my eye.

    1:37 Prime Minister of the UK stood up and greeted Dr S.JaiShankar, External Affairs Minister of India. I little shocked by it. Not boasting, just saying it.

  8. Memo to Boris: India is not an ally. India loves Putin, India looks at all British as ex colonial masters and they haven't forgotten the past. Good luck – they cannot be trusted.

  9. We must first ask him to return our heritage which they looted and stored them in their museum aka chor bazaar

  10. I just love how we doing trade with Uk, That's like selling the lives of millions of Indians that died back then to free the country from their hands.

  11. Haaaa….when FMG are not coming for free….now english beggar knock the door of india…

    Europe is running out of Bread…no wheat it seems…
    Begging for wheat from India…

    Britain will eat what ever India give….

  12. No thank you to Indian Uk partnerships 🤬😡😠
    We with Russia 🇷🇺🇮🇳
    F what anyone if they have a problem with that


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