Ukraine accuses Russia after shocking images of civilian killings in Ukraine's Bucha surfaces

Mass graves, corpses in bags, these are the gruesome discoveries reported from the town of Bucha prompting Ukraine to once again accuse Russia of carrying out war crimes. global outrage grew over the images coming out of towns near Kyiv.

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Comment (48)

  1. Zelensky you clown 🤡. Giving speeches, emotionally charging the civilians. Asking for weapons, aid from US, NATO, EU. Arming civilians. Their blood is also on you. They fight whilst you hide.

  2. Russian get out in 30.03, on 31.03 Bucha,s mayor said is a historic day, not mentioned anything about casualties despite the fact russians troops where not there.
    On 1.04 Azov and Ukraine army arrived.
    How come the relative didn't buried the body's in that time?
    Use your brain it will set you free!

  3. ロシア軍兵士はウクライナとの戦争が終わっても、一生世界中の人達と戦い続けることになるぞ。君達の国は常任理事国から外れるべきだし、自国を先進国と語るべきではない。ロシアは未開拓の国だ。

    Russian soldiers will continue to fight people all over the world for the rest of their lives even after the war with Ukraine ends.Your country should be removed from permanent membership, and you shouldn't call yourself an advanced country.Russia is an unexplored country.

  4. As a supposed democracy and champion of national sovereignty, India is dragging its feet on Putin's Russia. China, well no surprises there.

  5. As an Eastern European, born in a country that never waged any wars, invaded or colonized anyone (but yet still called a racist by some people), I generally admired indian culture and had a lot of respect about indian people and surrounding nations. But after reading the comments here all my respect and admiration are gone.

  6. It's the Ukranian Neo Nationalists killed these people. Many Ukranian high rank people was saying online we need to get rid of the traitors before the Ukranian military police went in Bucha. Take a look who got killed, its the people who wears white bandages on their arms. Only russians and the people that support russia against their Neo-Nationalistic Banderian governmant. Ukranian military police just went in and killed their own traitors because they are against Zelesnkyy and the war. Wht you even trying to tell me here? More than a half of the Ukraine is a pro-russian for the last 100 years its like England for Canada. It's a slavic people on both sides. Only Biden could give such order to his puppet Zelesnkyy to do this. Biden came out and called Putin a butcher and after that killings happend in Bucha??? It's BIDEN! He is trying to continue the war as long as possible so he can stay as a president.

  7. It is impossible to tell what is real and what is a stage managed. Misinformation has become so rife.

  8. Comedian Zelensky in morning: I will distroy Russia
    Zelensky at evening:- I want to talk with Russia for peace.

  9. Let's recap some facts:
    30th Mar. RU left Bucha.
    31st, mayor of Bucha claimed re-taken the town. No report of massacre.
    1st Apr. normal Ukrian troops claim taking control. No report of massacre.
    2nd Apr. Ukraine "nationalists" announced they will punish Russian collaborators in Bucha.
    Then we see the massacre, the fresh dead bodies, many of them have white bands on arms and Russian distributed food bags by their side.

  10. March 30 Russia leaves bucha. March 31 Ukrainian mayor announced their leave. April 1 azov troops enter bucha. April 2 atrocities are committed April 3 Russia is blamed

  11. Fun fact: what counts as "aid" to Ukraine are mostly high interest loans that will cement Ukraine and its people as economic serfs.

  12. This si a heinos crime !!! It is crime on hmanity and the world needs to stop the Rssian brtal leadership.

  13. How about India buys Russian oil at the discounted rate and then supports Ukraine with its discounted gains. Without Russias genocidal war India wouldn’t have discounted oil to take advantage of

  14. I watched few videos about Bucha and just asking for common sense. Why there are no blood stains on the clothes or skin on any person you see there?
    Further to that not a single hole in any clothes you see, how's that? If they were there for some time it should be some damage from the elements, most of the clothes look clean. I didn't see anything touched by the animals, not a single one run over by tanks, trucks with damage like that. How is it possible in a mess like that war?

  15. Ukrainians must make sure those Russians that did that to Bucha civilians does not get out of Ukraine anymore! Those soldiers that were assigned in Bucha needs to be identified and then hunted for justice sake!

  16. I mean, you also have satellite images where you can check it. Even by your own governments, if you don't trust the ones given by the US.
    You may agree or disagree with the motivations, but you can't deny reality.

  17. There are some Russian bots claiming that Ukraine killed its own people to stage these war crimes. Although this claim is incredibly stupid and only a Russian bot would believe them, I will point out that we have satellite imagery showing that many of the bodies found in the streets were indeed killed while the Russians controlled the city. Of course the satellites cannot show what the invaders did inside of houses, like the rape and torture of women and girls, but only a Russian bot would believe these crimes were done by anyone other than the Russian invaders.

  18. India should reconsider its stance on ukrain war and start condemning Russia. This is beyond tolerable. Putin should pay the price for his action against humanity.

  19. May be civilians retaliated with wepon. When civilians hold wepon they are not civilions. I dont think Russia will kill civilians just like that. If so why only Bucha

  20. I am afraid that it is still happening, to those area that they are occupying, people are sufferings from the hands of those evil doers, but the hands of the world are tied for the threat of Puttin Nuclear weapon and Nato will only response only if they allies are being attack, how about if Puttin again will threaten to use his Nuclear weapon? If you can depend your allies? Why you can’t depend Ukraine? What is international Law if these brutality , killing and cruelty is continue happening infront of your eyes , they bomb blast school , hospital, their residence and you cannot do anything to stop it?

  21. Oh Russia! You did not come to bucha isn't it? Ha ha. The broken tanks there was not yours & you do not have soldiers! Denying denying! It's the Ukrainians themselves who kill those civilians why not tell this? The world will believe! Come on say it!

  22. There goes The United Snakes 🐍 and NATO…. cursing Russia for the crimes they also commited in Middle East and Afrika. They should be ashamed


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