Ukraine Army 2023 | All equipment of Ukraine Military 2023

Ukrainian Army 2023 all equipment of ukraine army 2023 is covered in this video here combat tanks of ukraine military is discussed all armored carrier like a mine-protected vehicle of ukraine armored carrier of ukraine army Ukrainian army afvs are also covered with self-propelled artillery of ukrainian army is shown with total description also towed artillery mlrs of ukraine rocket projectors of ukraine army is covered air defense system of ukraine military are also shown in this ukraine army 2023 all equipment video here helicopters attack helicopters of Ukraine are also discussed

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  1. This video didn't even come close to showing everything. First, there are no self-propelled guns included: 18 AHS Krab (Poland), 8 Zuzana2 (Slovakia), 17 Panzerhaubitze 2000 (Germany), 5 Gepard (Germany), 12+6 CESAR (France), 22 M109A3GN (Norway), 20 +M109A4BE(Belgium),6M109A5Γ–(Latvia)

    Tanks: PT91 (Poland), 250 T-72M donated by Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, 28 M-55S donated by Slovenia.

    APCs: 38 BVP M-80As donated by Slovenia, 40 FV103 Spartans donated by Great Britain, APCs VAB (France) and XA-185 (Finland), YPR-765 (Netherlands), 79 M113 (USA, Denmark, Australia), 20-40 Bushmaster (Australia)

    No armored cars included: AMZ Dzik-2(Poland), 20 URO Vamtac (Spain), Jackal (UK), 18 MaxxPro (USA), 50 Kirpi (Turkey), Husky (UK),

    Rocket artillery not included: RM-70 (Czech Republic), M142 HIMARS (USA), 3+M270 MLRS (Germany and UK)


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