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Eighth week of the war in Ukraine and fighting continues in the southern and eastern part of the country. On Sunday, Ukrainian soldiers ignored a Russian ultimatum to lay down their arms and surrender the city of Mariupol while Moscow claims its forces have completely seized the port city Ukraine’s prime minister has claimed otherwise.

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Comment (45)

  1. All this news are aking from those western and Europe news…..don't even have reasearsh from other news ……better see Indonesian News….at less they do nt filter nor hide facts…

  2. There are civilians trapped in Azovstal but the Ukraine government gave the order that they cannot surrender.

  3. Surrender means either death or living under the boot of Russia for ever… Being American and used to liberty 🗽 it’s clear what my decision would be. We identify strongly with Ukrainians. Russia must know that the rest of the world wants peace but if going to war means fighting for peace, we are ready to go to war!

  4. False news. Maria Paul already in the hands of Russian army. How long mischievous news.

  5. The proportion of the public that would accept higher fuel prices as a consequence of tough Western sanctions on Russia fell 14 points in a month, from 50 per cent in March to 36 per cent this week. |The Daily Telegraph

  6. why is this speaker not fighting till the end, its easy to play with other peoples lives, its easy to scarify some one else.

  7. Putin is laughing ….. now the world or at least those capable of thinking for themselves can see what Zelensky and Azov are really all about. While condemning Ukrainians to certain death needlessly they line their pockets with western "aid".

  8. You are late, fakenews, mariupol was already liberated by chechens troops 🙄fight to the last man😅??? No, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers surrender to chechens troop fyi.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. For 2 months,AZOV's are in the steel factory,why is it kadyrov dont fight them in ground combat?Why kadyrov still bomb buildings despite knowing AZOV's arent there?Is it to show they're winning coz they flatten that city?And why are kadyrov not letting the 100,000 remaining people in Mariupol leave?Maybe because Kyiv can bomb them if there were no remaining people there..Ukrain send buses for evacuation many times but they wont let them in in checkpoints…its clearly their strategy to avoid raining bombs from Capital's soldier…this is what pro z believers are hyping..,a madman who will sacrifice many lives including russians to get what he want 😭😭😭they are twisted like putin

  10. Amend this to Mariupol has fallen, remaining Assov defenders trapped in Assovtal steelworks in a suicide pact.

  11. MedMen now offering Trademark Franchising with Tilray backing! Marijuana and Marijuana stocks will increase in value because people will buy more Marijuana because of wartime stress. Buy.stock. MMNFF

  12. 👨‍🏫Criminal Zelensky What about all the Ukrainian civilians you have order to kill just because they speak Russian, the foreign mercenaries are in Ukraine to kill Russian commanders, (every foreign volunteer mercenaries should be kill do not take them prisoners) about the MOSKVA warship yes, Ukraine claims of missile strike taken, now is time for Russia to do some real damage.🤷

  13. Surrender what? They can not surrender what is already under russian control. Themselves is all that is left to surrender by those idiots.

  14. The west hate Russia and they have an idiot who is willing to sacrifice his people on their behalf. Bravo. NATO/USA is not responsible for any soldiers death.

  15. Just have to point out that the Ukrainian forces in Mariupol are "Occupation Forces" and are not fighting to defend Mariupol. They are there fighting to try and maintain their "Occupation" of Mariupol.

  16. Never surrender Ukrainians, you are iron warrior lions, do it for all the Ukrainians that have died.

  17. Their love for their homeland made them have the spirit to fight, even though the Russians were aggressively attacking and all-out did not break their fighting spirit….

  18. At this rate ukrain gets way quicker depleted than Russian economic.
    Russia clearly have a junk of forces to strategic defense of their homeland, so a slow war will bleed ukrain out sooner or later, so having Russia stop at some point would be actually in the interest of ukrain for sure

  19. 99% under Russia control. Mariupol has not fallen? Are you kidding us? The last stand of the Neo-Nazis is only one pocket , the Azov steel plant. How is one pocket hold out being comparable with 99% territory controlled by Russia.?

  20. R.I.P BOYS⚰️💪✊
    Ville have været en ære at kende, kæmpe med jer☠️
    M.V.H Da brain damage 🇩🇰

  21. God be with all of Ukraine!!!!!! I pray you destroy Putin & his Demon military! From U.S.A.
    Viet Nam Vet Tom


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