Ukraine reels under Russian attacks, eastern cities turn into ruins | International News | WION

Mariupol has been reduced to a small garrison in a steel plant and the death toll is unknown. Data suggests 45% of Mariupol’s built-up area was damaged and hundreds of thousands are still trapped in Mariupol. For more perspective on this, we’re joined by Fred Weir – Russian Affairs Expert

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Comment (27)

  1. The 58th day of Natos war to eradicate a whole people. A surrender is long overdue. Ukraine wont win this war. A wise man would have surrendered.

  2. How can Mariupol be called a victory by the "Butcher of Moscow" this is sheer brutal terror, at least well over 21,000 people were killed and so far, he has committed 7000 war crimes in just 3 months, which is not acceptable! This is so sickening, Russian soldiers are part of the Butcher regime, in fact, they are not trained as soldiers they are trained killers including killing innocent civilians! Mariupol must remain Ukraine, period, Pepsee

  3. Why are there woman and children inside the steel mill? Did the Ukraine military take them and holding them in there as hostages?

  4. Pres. Putin's(or modern-day Emperor) paranoia or imagined threat is getting wider. Finland(and Sweden) are considering joining NATO also. They are "pushed" by the recent invasion of Ukraine. If Putin can do this to his "brothers & sisters"(as what he thinks) in Ukraine, the more he can do it elsewhere. So, Finland is getting swarmed by Russian troops in her border lately. If we are going to follow the pattern, it's worrisome to be a neighbor of Russia. You are immediately perceived as an enemy once you show intention of joining NATO. So, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc. are all in danger of being invaded once they copy what Ukrainians did. This is serious. Pres. Putin is entertaining an "empty threat" in his mind.

  5. This was truthful news worth watching. The world is just sitting back watching hundreds and thousands of people dying in the country of Ukraine we are just lucky because we are not there. The world's people has to act as one. From the largest countries in the world to the smallest show a sign that you denounced this war. There are so many ways we could denounce this war as one.

  6. At what point will Zelensky and Ukrainians realize that , realistically speaking , they cannot win against a powerful military force like Russia ? After they are decimated ? No amount of weaponry without boots on ground will win any war . This is not a video game . 40% of Ukrainian army are Neo Nazis !

  7. Sorry, that's not true, Eastern Ukraine was under attack for 8 years by A3OB & the Ukrainian army,
    having the pro-Russian people under bombardments and siege for long time since 2014.
    Russia doesn't bomb Its own people.
    Those mass-graves are pro-Russian civilians.
    Go read the proper history first.
    Everybody is welcome to do forensic on those mass-graves.

  8. Russia 's end is coming…too many unfriend countries ,excepting India,by the way…Ukraine will win because these losses are for freedom,and God knows about it

  9. Zelensky didn't want to do the negotiations from the beginning. Zelensky was the one to ruin it what's new about it. Zelensky don't worry your Neo Nazis that you have tamed for years will save you.

  10. A commedian in Kiev. Another in Washington. Yet another in London. A real good one Ottawa. There is a small one in Paris. There is even a funny old guy in Berlin (Achtung Baby). Legion in Brussells. All these freakin commedians and the only ones laughing are the arms manufacturers, the energy cartels, and the banks. Yup, it's a real gas.

  11. USA and their private organisation Nato,lives on blood and sweat other nations and countries…Balkan,Lybia,Syria,Iraq,Avganistan,Somalia…now Ukraines are dying for americain interes….but biggest american asslicker are UK and EU.Killers will defend Ukraine to last ukraines head.Long live Russia,China,India,Brazil,Iran,Venecuela,Cuba,Serbia,all Africa….long live fight for FREEDOM…Ukraine is finished…west nazi support ukraines nazi…

  12. Russia must be beat not to start the war all.over again in few year. Those fantasis about restoring emoire by invading neighbours must be broken.


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