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The International space station that so many of us often forget was launched way back in 1998 and has long been a symbol of US-Russian collaboration, now it’s interesting to see how will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine change things up in space?

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Comment (22)

  1. The Russia's partners around the World should expell some diplomats, because the US used false narrative with Havana Syndrome, in ordee to cause the conflict.

  2. Long live RUSSIA and INDIA and Asia even in space race RUSSIA was the first huh amazing ✌️🤘🙏👍

  3. It is all lie that USA went to moon why Russia did not go or Europe or China for 70 years that nobody could not go.

  4. Every effort should be made that the technology is shared with countries who have greater good of the planet🌍 in mind.
    USA🇺🇸 the bully😡😤👊 should be kept at bay.
    The next war should be fought on American🇺🇸 soil.
    The world against the Satan.

  5. America as always, being dissengenous, its “dont involve politics” until its not in your favor🥴🚩 cus The same could be said about professional athletes,sports teams not participating,nothing that has to do with politics, also companies being shut down and inflicting damage to regular russian citizens Jobs and businesess closing doing damage to The economy.
    JUST EXPECT THE SAME ENERGY BACK. dont be surprised and scream unfair

  6. Indeed, there are ways to be right that are wrong and NAT0 and America have been demonstrating that for decades. When one is and feel strong there is no need to aim at squashing what we may qualify as belligerents. What is happening in Ukraine has taken Human kind back in time rather than forward: the 'cool' path has had a lot of support and growing expressions but has kept being ignored, because technology did not allow for Humanist perspective and when Finances are in charge to prioritise Peace is seen as a mean not an aim.

  7. No!!!!!!
    Russia and USA most separated from the same space station,
    we can not do business
    With Criminal’s invasores.

  8. Пусть каждый американец задаст себе вопросы:
    1. Почему сын Байдена финансировал запрещённые биолаборатории на Украине?
    2. Почему США поддерживают нацистов с фашисткой свастикой на Украине?
    3. Готовы ли обычные американцы понести поражение в третьей мировой войне?


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