Ukraine-Russia conflict: Russian missile attack kills 5 In Ukraine's Kharkiv | World News | WION

The assault on major Ukrainian cities is only intensifying. In a series of strikes, Russia has attacked Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv killing at least five people and injuring 13.

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Comment (27)

  1. 🧑Criminal Zelensky What about all the Ukrainian civilians you have order to kill just because they speak Russian, about the MOSKVA yes, Ukraine claims missile strike taken, now is time for Russia to do some real damage.🙍‍♂

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  5. Wion at least give us subscribers both sides to the story,your views on the war are exactly the views of the western and uk powers,give us both sides of the story and let us decide for ourselves.
    thats honest journalism

  6. Russians lost 8 Generals in Ukraine. One "Top Russians Admiral" equavalence. Around 50 Cournels and Naval Officers. What 20,000 Conscripts? So we now hear Russians will start the Big Fight. The Big Special Operation. What Happens Next??? How many Nukes???
    Have India Elites gots their Heavy Bets in? Blood Money Talks. Winner Takes All.

  7. Soviet Union leader Leonid Brezhnev, born in the heart of Ukraine, came to the aid of India in 1971. India will soon reap horrific Karma for refusing to come to the aid of Ukraine against Russia nationalists.

  8. ALL the action from the 24 of February was and is at the South-East part of Ukraine. Russia has taken or have under siege: Luhansk, Kharkov, Donestsk, Vonovakha, Melitopol, Dinopro, Berdyans'k Kherson, Krakiv and now Mariupol. That is a HUGE territory at the South-East and is not going back to Ukraine.

  9. Brandon signed another 800 million in weapons for Ukraine. Russia is just getting serious now. these yank scum destroyed ukraine.

  10. Russia knows it can't take the city. It's trying everything, Russia is nearly out of bombs too so it's resorting to illegal munitions. Cowards as usual

  11. Привет, друзья, просто молитесь, чтобы эта война поскорее наладилась, чтобы не было больше жертв. Я русский, и я тоже люблю своего украинского брата 🇷🇺

  12. In war, people are killed. I have not known a war where people did not get killed. Russia, China, India, and Africa are bringing in a new world order.


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