Ukraine-Russia crisis: Italy launches new measure to save gas | International News | WION

Russia has retaliated against western sanctions by halting its gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria. This decision is impacting different parts of Europe, and in Italy, a new measure is being implemented called ‘operation thermostat’.

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Comment (43)

  1. So by logic. They were using Russian resource, refuse to pay and get surprised when the resource provider cuts off service? 🤔

    Seems to be is that this isn't blackmail, just that they don't want to use Rubles. All in all as crazed as Putin is, he did tell them in advance.

  2. Tip. Don't screw around Russias border. It opened a can of worms. Watch Cuba get armed with Russian nukes next. These globalist plutocrats want a global war apparently. They will all sit in their gold laden bunkers with their launch buttons until the ash settles.

  3. If germany going to suffer that much for not using Russian energy how are Russian citizen coping with western sanctions?? Shit, you don’t want to be in Russia right now…!

    Guess adapting is the next solution?

  4. EU can say whatever they want .
    But in reality , source of energy is still coming Russia .
    Or unless new discovery on new source of energy within EU countries.
    Time moves
    Things change
    Think mobility rather than square head with 4 walls .

  5. If you do not pay supplier they do not supply, Poland, Bulgaria have obviously decided they no longer require Russian gas shipments.

  6. "It's no longer possible for the US to expect the whole World to dance to their tune" The Key Word is Europe have No " Choice"

  7. EU have been enjoying the last few centuries of wealth
    The time arrived where this wealth will be reap off by other part of the world
    Equally in sharing of wealth.
    Its Newton Law
    What goes up
    Must come down .
    What come down
    Must go up
    Simple conclusion..
    Nobody will dominate nor monopoly
    Time comes , it evolves again.

  8. They simply want to take Putin out of power and put there someone that they choose. That´s it. And destroy Russia, suck the people´s money and lives as usual. As they do everywhere. We should stop financing US war by stopping to buy their products. Simple as that. Make our embargo on them. So that they can see how fun it is to put people´s lives in real trouble. I´m disgusted.

  9. Seriously, this is a good thing, Europe is gonna invest more heavily on renewable energy, its gonna cost a bit more, but its gonna do wonders for the climate, that is probably kind of effed by the burning of fossile fuels. and in that EU stops buying russias oil, more then 50% of The russian economy dissapears. Every one wins. Now we just need the USA to follow in that solar/wind perogitive, can russia cut off something to the usa?

  10. It will be now difficult for EU companies to do trade in emerging markets.
    First due to trust deficit caused by EU companies and then followed by even higher prices driven by their domestic inflation.

  11. pay your bill then you'll have gas. buying russian gas from neighboring countries 2nd hand is pure stupidity

  12. Now it's crystal clear that EU countries have pressed panic button and are in a grip of panic mode. How come they concluded that only they can impose sanctions?

  13. I never realized how accurate our ex- President Ronald Reagan was when he called Russia the EVIL empire. Russia is showing itself to be exactly as described. I can see absolutely no justification for the invasion of Ukraine. SLAVA UKRAINE FOREVER!

  14. Maybe they shouldn't have chosen to be sucked into a wholesale dependency by going behind the backs of an agreed arms embargo and focused on a united plan to diversify sources.

  15. You guys see, how stupid was NATO. They would like to fight with Russia, yet they consume Russian gas. It meant, you want to fight with someone, yet you have to buy a weapon from him.. this is rediculious

  16. Depending on the cost of electricity in your country, it may be worth installing a heat pump (heating – air conditioning). Congratulations to Italy which adapts best to the situation.

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  19. Nato and the U.S has been blackmailing Europe and russia for a long time now , nothing was done to the U.S when they invaded countries on false charges made up and they will soon need gas and oil from Russia, it only needs accidents and earthquakes and services could be stopped for ever , Europe are being stupid bt what's new ?

  20. Maybe instead of laughing at President Trump when he told them their dependency on Russian oil and gas was going to be a problem for them.

  21. "Poland and Bulgaria are now being supplied by its European neighbors". Guess where they are buying that gas to supply those countries?

  22. Here's an idea! How about Italian government buildings also lower their air conditioner usage to show how much they support the plan! After all it shouldn't only be the people doing the sacrificing, right?

  23. Sound like a GREAT tool to me , What would you do? ,what would the USA do? It's how the World is run ,have been for thousands of years .

  24. Well now maybe.. you can start paying them in THEIR currency.. since you are literally buying from THEM..


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