Ukraine & Russia face-off at the UNSC: Russia counters Zelensky's address | World English News

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Zelensky addressed the United Nations Security Council, where both Ukraine & Russia faced off.

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Comment (19)

  1. Who is responsible for Ukraine's destruction, US or Russia? Why is Zelenski still not agreeing to Russia's demands from the perspective of whatever is left over of Ukraine?
    The present says Russia is at fault, the history says Ukraine has made some grave mistakes, US is great at making money during war and would love to keep supplying arms at the cost of Ukranian lives. Where is the world going? How much ego is still left with the leaders and at what cost?
    Lives of humans have no value in front of politics & bureaucracy. But who cares, this will go on for a couple of months, media will make some fascinating news, market them, another few months will pass, people will forget, but who is going to loose finally?
    All these sanctions on Russia is the most prominent method of prolonging and monetizing the war, Wow, what a level humanity has achieved.

  2. Zilensky is a hard core drug addict. You can tell from his pupils and his voice way before this conflict started. He is a notorious hard core class A drug user and so is his N@zi Cartel that controls him from the Azov Battalion. These immensely sick and debaucherous dark actors should not be supported.

  3. Morning they say they are winning the war.
    Afternoon they blame Western and Russia.
    In night they start crying like child.

  4. The UNSC should and must act now and prevent further heinous war crimes by Putin and his diabolic army.

  5. Hey the EU and Victoria Nuland will fight against Russisa with the last Ukrainian and European because they are just using Ukraine. Disgusting.

  6. So why are the US and UK so desperate to stop an independent forensic investigation into the allegations? What are they frightened off?

  7. Fox news in usa barely mentions putins war in ukraine…the rite or conservative side of usa…the liberal media cnn is non stop coverage similar to wion…half the american population is like russians watching putins media…

  8. Desperate Ukraine Nazis & the West are trying every false flag they can think of, killing these innocent people. This is horrible, this WILL come out. I,m ashamed to call my self an American


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